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No Surge or PPZ’s For Being The Only Driver Out After 9pm?

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 Posted 2 years, 10 months ago

I’ve driven for both Lyft & Uber since 2018, lots of WTH? moments with price increases for passengers and drivers never seeing any of it, and split in fee’s going from 80/20 to 40/60 - so acceptance is key here.  I have to say though, this latest “normal procedure” is a jagged little pill to swallow.  Every since this pandemic hit, it seems no other drivers want to drive after 9pm here in Albuquerque.  Or, if there are it’s typically me and one other driver for all of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.  Passengers are waiting up to an hour dealing with their trip getting cxl’d last minute - they think by the drivers.  (That’s a story for another time).  For Drivers like myself, what this means is excessive long pick up’s - from one end of the city-to-the-next.   Yet, I NEVER receive surge boosts or Personal Power Zones and definitely no LPU’s with Lyft.   Is this happening to anyone else?  I’ve asked both Lyft and Uber and just get the run around or they simply quote from a script they’ve been given about ‘what a surge is’ and what constitutes “high demand”.  When I tell them, according to the Driver Addendum, “high demand is when there are more Trip Requests than Drivers Available”…  This seems to stump them?   Not sure why.  I found out from one repeat passenger that they WERE charged surge pricing, but I never got a penny of the extra flat fee charged.  [They] kept 100% of it because I haven’t reached my Gold Tier Level (again) yet…That’s my guess, BTW - not something I was told.  

Could just be me thinking this, but this is NOT going to get new OR return drivers back anytime soon!   


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     2 years ago

    This does not surprise me. Uber/Lyft have always done this and it sucks that there is really nothing we can all do about it. You are right though that this is not the way to get drivers to come back. Greedy Giant!