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NYPD Detective, Patrick Cherry, Yells and Berates at Uber Car Driver [YouTUbe-WSJ]

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 Posted 4 years, 4 months ago


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     4 years ago

    One of NYC's finest.

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      447 Rider Driver Driver
       4 years ago

      I am sure the driver is a nubie since he didn't know he was blowing his horn at a unmarked car. That story was blown out of proportion and the passenger should have minded his business which so often people do not. I have been pro driving 30 plus years and on occasion police love to bitch at us and I never lost sleep over it. The only thing that the beauty passenger did was to have cops give us more tickets to get even. In life you must know where you stand and as long as your legs are firmly planted on the ground it doesn't matter what someone with authority that will most likely not see all the fruits of his pension due to his temper which can cause a short life. Good luck Det. Dildo.

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         3 years ago

        You’re a moron. “People should kind their own business”, is what leads to people being thrown in ghettos, and forced to wear a gold star. The public has a DUTY to keep police officers inline with what their job actually consists of. You’re either a cherry cop fresh from the academy, or you’re too stupid to know what the police department actually had the authority to do. People like you, are exactly why cops act the way they do now. Have fun goose stepping while the gestapo bashes innocent people over the head.