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I have taken over 1000 Uber rides. No, I am serious. Also a weekend driver.
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     1 month ago in  Is it true that Uber Scheduled Rides are not guaranteed?

    That's for Lyft, right? I don't think there is a separate section for Uber. 

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     1 month ago in  How can I specify a female driver?

    Dudes apparently cannot be discriminated against apparently.

    Not just gender but everything else. None in power can be discriminated against. The funny thing is? I think it sort of has to be that way while we all fix this long running history of discrimination.  Think affirmative action for school acceptance and white people being called "crackers."

  • I don't do Pool rides. I can't be competing with $1.75 city buses and subways. No thanks.

  • Yeah, this usually comes in the indirect form. It's usually built into the questions they ask and how they treat service providers.

    You know that saying, "if you want to know the truth about your date, watch how he [or she] treats the waitor"? It's because some people are curt and rude to people who provide for us. I don't know why this happens.  The truth bleeds out.

    I have seen that in my colleagues and even those who I considered as friends.

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     3 months ago in  What's an average Uber driver rating? Is 4.60 a good rating?

    No, I haven't heard of that but I know in San Francisco there's been a crap storm over this for many months. They may already be employees by now.

    There are pros and cons on being an employee though.  Benefit packages, insurance, and stuff will be nice. However, we will likely lose a lot of freedom in deciding when and where we work, ability to cancel and pick which driver you want, tax breaks you get from being self-employed, etc. etc.

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     3 months ago in  GPS problems

    I keep both my iPhone and iPad on. The calls and texts go to the iPhone number on profile. iPad does it’s own thing, basically for directions. 

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     3 months ago in  GPS problems

    Lots of GPS related posts in the last few days. 

    You may want to update your phone. My old iPad that’s affixed to my dash has a little delay in my location and telling me the turns a tad too late.

    It turns out that my iPad was too old and too slow for the recent heavy GPS apps. I tried the same apps on my newer iPhone, side by side with my iPad, and realized the problem. 

    So considering updating the hardware. I know it’s not an expense you want, but... 

    Also, Uber recently updated their GPS and how it works. Maybe that exacerbated the problem 

  • apparently, we cannot. Try doing a search for vomit on this site. you get like a million articles.

  • Time off the clock is pain, but it's about the timing, right?  What if it's at the end of the shift?  What about a super slow day? What if you have a discount card at a car cleaner (as I do).

    I can see it working out in your favor.  Yeah, it's digusting, but you just gotta get over that and look at financially.  you know, like a business man.

  • A troll. come on now.

    Then again, I have made several hundred dollars driving drunks.  I have leather seats and real good floor mats (really helpful, folks), so the clean up is relatively painless. Automatic $125 ain't necessarily a bad thing towards the end of the night.

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     3 months ago in  The revised Uber Surge System

    I think this move by Uber is a desperation move because I hear Pool has been a dud.  Riders don't care to save a buck to share the ride and extend their trips by 50%. Uber still wants it to work because it gives them the most profit and it's a way to support users with limited drivers.

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     3 months ago in  The revised Uber Surge System

    You have UberX, but you don't have UberPool?  Wow.  You know we can't turn Pool off anymore, right?

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     3 months ago in  The revised Uber Surge System

    I am NOT HAPPY to be forced to pickup POOLs, just to keep what I am already entitled to, surge bonuses.

    How can they do this? Total BS.

  • This is actually something that was being organized by a fair number of drivers, part in protest for Uber's introduction of surge pricing.  This was done in the early days where Uber's surge logic was still elementary and was easy to be fooled.  It was far from dynamic and was based on handful of factors.  I never took part in it, but this had a fair level of success, enough that Uber implemented a "fix" and made an announcement about it.  Also, remember that this was in the days where there were no airport queues and much fewer drivers.

    I agree with you though, and it isn't something I am not quite sure how it worked.  For example, how did the drivers really communicate each other?  and wouldn't some drivers always just go rogue and pick up all the rides they want while everyone else's phone was turned off?

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     4 months ago in  Lyft with Express worth it?

    I drive only on Friday and Saturday nights, and I can get about 20~30 rides in those short hours.   Remember those are the busy times though. 

    Do you know what else?  You can make majority of your weekly earnings on just those days. It can equate to earnings for the rest of the week combined.  (in other words, you can make half your earning on Friday and Saturday)

    The thing about these plans is that you won't be able to do that.  

  • Gosh, all you guys are so good and astute.  I better get on this. I haven't even gotten my rideshare insurance yet.

    The problem is I am part-time, and I feel like all this trouble won't be worth it.  I mean, the insurance?  There's gotta be a price point.

  • I just checked.  I dont see one either. 

    I checked my driver app too.  Nothing.

  • I haven't seen any that low. Maybe some 3.9s

  • at my boring job. 

    dreaming of the weekends when I drive Uber.  Feel so alive.  LOL.

  • This is a real great question, because I think it comes with a great deal of reality check. 

    Just for the record, I am a part-time driver.  Maybe 10 to 20 hours a week.  I have another fulltime (ish) job.

    There are drivers out there who do indeed this full time.  There are many who have been doing this for years, so we can surmise that you can indeed make a sustainable living.  This does not mean that it's a lucrative job though.  A large part of it will be dependent on your expectation of income and your life style.

    When I say life style, drivers get great flexibility in its job.  The hours are flexible, and you don't have to commute to an office every day.  I think those are great benefits.  Then, there are negatives that come with it. For example, if you flatten it all out, I think the hourly rates are very low.

    As a data point, I did the math once and I make $13 an hour through Uber and a bit more on Lyft. That's less than half as much as I make in my primary job.  ..but you know what?  Half the time I am "working" for Uber, I am sitting around reading a book and enjoying the weather. :)

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