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Off hours Lyft/Uber availability

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 Posted 3 years, 2 months ago

I'm concerned that I'm flying into Muskegon airport at 4:30am and there will be no Lyft or Uber operating at that early hour.

Is there any way of checking this in advance?

Well, we took our chances and flew out there hoping to get a Lyft/Uber - and there was NOTHING.  Still would like to have a way of knowing probability of ground transportation BEFORE we go somewhere.


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     3 years ago

    yeah, but Muskegon isn't a big airport.  (I just had to look it up.)

    No offense but the Google Maps page for Muskegon Airport literally shows a photo of a snowbank and two photos of some random dude.

    I am surprised there are any Ubers there.

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     3 years ago

    You can always feel out the future availability by checking a week before. So in your case, open the Uber app at 4:30AM, a week in advance, and see if there are cars there at that location. (and yes, you can change the pickup location to anywhere. it doesn't have to be your current location).

    I've been there in your same shoes before, but most airports have taxis at all hours of the day/night, and they also have means of providing ground transportation, say by calling a local 24/7 taxi company. I get it you love Uber, but at least there is a fallback and you won't get stuck.

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     3 years ago

    You can always schedule a ride on both platforms but there will always be cars, there's the cab alternatives