RideGuru Rideshare Safety and Security Survey 2019

Please take our quick (2 minute) survey on safety and security within the rideshare marketplace and automatically be entered to win one of 5 RideGuru Swag Bags!

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RideGuru Rideshare Passenger Survey

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295 Driver Driver Rider Guru
 Posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Hey Everyone! RideGuru, Bellhop, and TheRideshareGuy have teamed up to execute the biggest rideshare survey to date and we need your help! Please take our quick survey on rideshares and other modes of transportation to help us gauge where this industry is heading. To say thank you we are giving away $25 rideshare giftcards to four lucky winners.


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     9 months ago

    Cool, took it.

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     9 months ago

    Kinda long (5 minutes) but I didn't mind, good questions.

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    31 Rider
     9 months ago

    Interesting questions I am intrigued to see the results.