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RideGuru Q4 Rideshare Survey

Please take our quick (6 questions!) survey on the current rideshare marketplace and automatically be entered to win one of 5 RideGuru Swag Bags!

RideGuru 2018 Q4 Survey

Posted by: RideGuru Nov 08, 2018
Updated Nov 08, 2018


RideGuru Fans! We have a quick (6 question!) survey for you on the current ridesharing marketplace. We hope to gain some intriguing insight into how our society views drivers and rideshare companies. 

As a fun incentive we are giving away 5 of our coveted RideGuru Swag Bags at random to those who complete the survey. Swag goodies include a t-shirt, sunglasses, drawstring backpack, beverage koozie, and car dashboard non-slip pad.

Thanks in advance for your participation. We cannot wait to share the results in December with everyone.

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