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Uber Fraud Is A Serious Problem That's Impacting Drivers Worldwide. Here's How To Avoid It. [Ridester.com]

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 Posted 5 years, 1 month ago

Great articles around Fraud on Ridester.com.  Here's Brett.

"Hey there, Brett here again with Ridester.com.

As part of my morning routine, I browse the rideshare networking groups I'm a part of. This helps me find new ways to drive smarter and make more money, so I can share those tips with you. 

This morning, one thing caught my eye that I wanted to IMMEDIATELY make every driver aware of. It's an issue that riders have begun taking advantage of, causing Uber to lose money and in some cases, deactivate innocent drivers who've done nothing wrong.

The problem? Uber fraud.

New posts and photos circulating social media show riders how to report false incidents to Uber to get a refund on their ride in return. 

There's a bunch of different ways to fraudulently rip off Uber, which we've compiled into a big list so you know what to look for, and be prepared if it happens to you.

Check out the links below for everything you need to know about Uber fraud, and how to protect yourself against it. One of the best ways is to get a dash cam, which we go into more detail with in the link below.

1. Uber Fraud: What It Is and How to Keep Yourself Safe
2. The Best Dash Cam For Uber And Lyft Drivers [In-Depth Review]

As always, if you have a question or comment about anything you read, feel free to drop your opinion in the comments section below the article.

- Brett


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     2 years ago

    Well drivers fraud are tainting the service as well. I usually order short rides on a daily basis and about half of them try to trick me into canceling my ride, while lately they (drivers) seem to be messing with GPS, happering and disappearing from map. It's going down hill, seems the problem was not lack of innovation in the sector. 

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    1072 Rider Driver
     5 years ago  (edited 5 years ago)

    Come on guys, WTF?

    This thread was supposedly about fraud against drivers, but if you follow the links in the article it's about how drivers defraud riders. 


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       2 years ago

      Sorry man, was just pissed. Happened yet again! Grrrrr. Need to file a complaint, and shit. Ffs, getting unsustainable, might as well resort to good old "hey taxi". /end rant