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The Weirdest Trend To Emerge From California? Electric Scooters [Ridester.com]

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1202 Rider Driver Guru
 Posted 5 years, 5 months ago

Ridester has a series of articles that will get you up to speed regarding the bikes and scooters.  The "last mile" mode of transportation.  Anyone interested?  Links to their articles below.  

"Hey there, Brett here again with Ridester.com.

With Labor Day weekend behind us, I hope you saw increased demand and a good payout heading your way this week. After our recent earnings surveyfound Uber drivers earning less than $10/hr after expenses, I know the boost is much needed.

As Uber and Lyft have evolved, they've solved plenty of problems. However, one problem they haven't been able to solve is the "Last Mile".

In other words, in the transportation industry the phrase "Last Mile" refers to the distance that's too long for passengers to walk, but too short for drivers to give a ride. Passengers can get a ride across town, but sometimes they're left walking the short distance that drivers don't want to drive.

The solution? Another weird (but super helpful) idea to come out of California... electric scooter rentals.

If you're a driver looking for extra cash, or somebody in need of a cheap and quick ride, electric scooter rentals are for you.

This is a hot trend right now, so we've put together some guides to show you how to use the service, and how to earn some quick cash by picking up and charging scooters. Check them out:

1. The Definitive Guide to Bird Electric Scooter Rental
2. What to Know About Working as a Lime Electric Scooter Charger
3. The Definitive Guide to Lime Electric Scooters [For Riders and Chargers]

As always, if you have a question or comment about anything you read, feel free to drop your opinion in the comments section below the article.

- Brett

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