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Uber Support: Fraud Uber charge leads to a Maddening Exchange

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843 Driver Rider
 Posted 1 year, 4 months ago

It's a routine for Uber Support.  The funny thing about this is that there are two frauds going on here.  One by the driver and another by Uber. Bleh.


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    8184 Rider Driver
     1 year ago

    Uber support is absolutely awful. I've been screwed out of 50.00 just this past week. I just got 15.11 of it back. The other trip I gave up on as the same thing you posted is the same thing drivers deal with. I have one trip left I am still arguing. The first few messages you send are probably answered with the scripted BS Uber puts out. Then you may get a real person to answer but they dont understand English or how to add & subtract. I wonder how much Uber and Lyft as they are no better make per year just in screwing riders and drivers. I sometimes wonder how much they pay support people to screw you out of money. Their support is definately awful. I think I sometimes spend more time trying to make them understand then its worth.