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uber safety measures

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 Posted 2 years, 2 months ago

Uber has been making a lot of changes recently to improve service experience for both drivers and passengers.

From a change in management to a revamp of the Uber driver app, other changes since 2017 include introduction of the Uber Lite app created to reduce data usage.

Now, the company is taking the initiative to introduce extra measures to increase safety by unveiling new safety features to protect its users (drivers and passengers inclusive). In this post, we will review two new Uber safety measures: Hands Free Pickups and Address Anonymization.

Hands Free Pickups

Uber recently added voice activated commands to the driver app so that drivers will not have to click through their phones so much.

Address Anonymization

Keeping your identity anonymous online is important. It’s important to observe digital safety and this has become important to Uber. To protect user information, drivers and passengers can communicate via the app without sharing their real phone numbers.

uber safety measures visit for information - https://www.uberkit.net/blog/uber-safety-measures/

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