Uber's Privacy Settings: Everything You Need to Know!

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jan 25, 2022
Updated Jan 25, 2022

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Uber Privacy Settings

When one thinks of Uber, the term “privacy” does not generally also come to mind. Uber has come under fire many times since its inception for privacy breaches and safety issues. However, Uber has recently made a renewed commitment to privacy and has even made an easy to utilize Uber Privacy Center right within their app. This in-app hub, is located within the settings menu of the Uber Rider, Driver, and EATS apps. Through this new Uber Privacy Center, users can view how Uber uses their data and manage their privacy settings to their comfort level. 

Here is everything that the new Uber Privacy Center includes:


Uber’s Privacy Overview 

This is an overview which describes Uber’s approach to collecting and using personal data. You will also find popular FAQ’s under this section. 

Download Your Uber Data

This feature allows users to download a copy of their personal information that Uber has collected through their app.

Explore Your Uber Data

When you “Explore you Uber data”, you will find a summary of your use of all the Uber apps, including how long you been an Uber user, your number of trips and orders, your Uber rating, and your account profile information.

View Your Uber Profile as Driver

This new feature is a neat one. By clicking on this tab, you will see your information as your drivers see your profile so you can be confident that Uber is sharing only what is necessary.

View What Powers Your Experience

This tab shows you how Uber uses your data to enable each step during your trips.

Personalized Ads and Data Settings

This section allows you to choose how Uber uses your data for targeted advertising and analytics.

Uber Eats and Postmates Ad Settings

Similar to the last section, this tab allows you to choose how Uber personalizes ads within the Uber Eats and Postmates apps.

Further, Uber states that they have “made privacy a shared responsibility of all employees and maintain a robust privacy review process that applies throughout the entire lifecycle of a product, feature, or program.”

Does Uber’s new privacy center make you feel more comfortable using the Uber apps? Let us know in our forum!

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