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Uber testing drones for food delivery

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 Posted 4 years, 8 months ago

Uber announced Wednesday that it has begun testing drone delivery for its popular Uber Eats service.

and check this out.

Uber also revealed future plans for drone deliveries to land on parked Uber cars operated by drivers, as well as plans for autonomous drone aircraft, according to AFP.


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     4 years ago

    Of course, the biggest challenge is...  keeping the pizza level during delivery.

    I expect half of them to be like this:

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     4 years ago  (edited 4 years ago)
    • People will be shooting them down and steal your food:) Air polution, inclement weather, bird poops on it, no thanks I'll stick to drivers. Not Uber Eats,  Grub Hub, etc... my food is always cold when I get it. I dont order from places more than 10 min from my house for that reason and its still cold. Plus they mark up the prices on the food. Got a chicken parm sandwhich for my son 9.99 when you order in the bar. Grub Hub charged me 13.99. Couldnt order fountain sodas I would assume either from a drone. Another persin that posted mentioned about keeping pizza level. Good point I dont want to open the bix to find all my cheese stuck to the top or that it slid to ine side.
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       4 years ago

      I’d like to argue that people won’t be shooting drones for $10 pizzas, but you know what? I’m sure they would. 

      Drunk rednecks, drunk frat boys, and drunk people mad at trespassing drones. Plenty of peeps 

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     4 years ago

    sorta old news. Amazon has been leading in this arena.  If they can deliver a million products on Amazon marketplace, they better be able to ship my burrito to my location.  house, car, wherever.

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    95 Rider
     4 years ago

    Don't get fooled or surprised by the delivery to the top of your car. These are the days of on-demand anything, and GPS-enabled Uber drivers can find my exact location, I expect my food to find my exact location.  

    Poolside?  At a bar? Rooftop lounge?  Playground?  Just bring it DIRECTLY to me.