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Uber updates how they respond to sexual misconduct!

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120 Rider Guru
 Posted 3 years, 8 months ago

As a result of multiple allegations of criminal behavior by its drivers, Uber revamps how it handles customer complaints of sexual misconduct. 



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    558 Driver
     3 years ago

    did they decide to not immediately delete them? lol

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      397 Driver
       3 years ago

      while we joke, it is funny how they had to "revamp" it.  The fact that it had to be modified means there were issues, right?

      "It almost seems like a little bit dismissive," Brix said. "I never even found out if the driver was still on the road."

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        2056 Rider
         3 years ago

        Not sure if I blame Uber on this one. I think their intention was genuine to improve the process.  

        However they get zero credit from the media, perhaps due to their tainted reputation, that anything nthey do is seen and worded in a negative light.  I think the word, "revamp", is a proof of that.  (I mean, why not just say, "improve?"

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    325 Rider
     3 years ago

    I hope they "revamp" their workplace policies so women are treated better.