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We are 4 adults and 3 children ages 10, 9 and 6 (7 passengers total) Can we ...

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 Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago
We are 4 adults and 3 children ages 10, 9 and 6 (7 passengers total) Can we get a lift for this many in one vehicle from Kissimee (Holiday Inn East Village to Magic Kindgom and what is cost


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    6502 Rider Driver
     2 weeks ago  (edited 2 weeks ago)

    Uber XL and Lyft XL can fit 7. It's a few dollars more than a car (Uber X) but still reasonable. I suggest once driver accepts your request call or text them just to make sure their vehicle has room for 7 with 7 seatbelts. Most should but not all. If driver has Honda Pilot it will fit 7. You may want to mention to driver that you have a 4 yr old but no safety seat (i assume you are not carrying around a seat in Disney). Some drivers will take without car seat some wont. It's against the law and can be dangerous.  By telling driver ahead of time it will save you both time and aggravation. He can say yes its fine or no I prefer not to. You can then request another car. Time saved and no cancel fee. The other option although definately more costly is Uber Black SUV with car seat. It will be 10.00 extra and the ride itself is on the expensive side.  Use fare comparison calculator that Lilly suggested on this site.

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    942 Rider Guru
     2 weeks ago

    Have you tried searching for a ride on our fare comparison calculator? You can filter by number of passengers to see if there is a ride that will fit your group.