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What is Careem? Does it compete with Uber?

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 Posted 2 years, 1 month ago

The Guru Take


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     1 month ago

    I used to travel in careem when I go to dubai for business visit and there is been a lot of updates on careem adding the packages for corporate customers and integrating with the dubai government taxi. Any one who wish to start a uber like app business model should not just look for a short term plan or taking a ready made uber clone app because with that you cannot scale up your business. Apart from taking a product from clone companies you need to check with them the following services.

    1] Long term support and dedicated team to expand in the furure

    2] Does they provide devops consulting services ?

    3] Do they have a NOC team to monitor the traffic ?

    4] Does the team have an extensive knowledge of proper 3 tier architecture ?

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     2 months ago

    Hi There,

    Careem is the most successful on-demand taxi app in middle east countries, Many of the customer-focused features in this app grab more users within a short period. If anyone wants to start a taxi app like careem and also want to know the business and revenue model of careem taxi app kindly read more here: