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Who in your opinion are the bottom feeders of the ride share experience?

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4059 Rider Driver
 Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

I have to say there is one class of people I can't stand. While I understand what they are doing, they do it without consideration for anyone other than themselves. That is the individual who calls Uber, Lyft and Ola for a ride and then takes the first to arrive, canceling the other two. Two drivers have in good faith expended the time, gas and vehicular wear and tear to come get your sorry self and because you were furthest away (and it cost you the most to get there) you lose out to another service closer than you were. Pitting one service against another is one story, taking advantage of already cash strapped drivers who are just trying to make ends meet, takes the cake. I hope they reserve a special spot for you in hell.

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