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Why don’t rideshare passengers tip their drivers as often as other service industry jobs?

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1166 Rider Driver
 Posted 4 months, 2 weeks ago

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As drivers, we’re in the service industry. We show up 6-8 million times a day in front of someone’s house, at their workplace, a bar or restaurant to pick them up without knowing where they’re going. Our job is to take them from A-B safely, during the ride, we have the passenger’s life in our hands. Although tipping is not mandatory in other service jobs, taxi drivers, bartenders, waiters, doormen and valet attendants come to mind, it is part of our social fabric. It’s a little something extra for a job well done. Uber passengers are notoriously bad at tipping, Lyft passengers are more generous. Does the passenger reflect the culture of the respective companies themselves? 

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