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Randall Airport (06N), United States

Are there Uber and Lyft at Randall Airport? How do I request a ride, and where do I meet my Uber and Lyft drivers? What are the pickup and dropoff policies like? Are there designated areas?

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Rideshares Available at Randall Airport


Rideshare Pickup/Dropoff Instructions for Randall Airport

Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft can drop you off at the departure level, along side regular passengers and taxis. Notify your driver of the airlines and preferably the terminal upon entering the airport premises.

  1. Request the right vehicle size

    Keep in mind your luggage requirements. Choose a ride option that will comfortably fit all of the passengers and your suitcases. Here's a guide: How much luggage can I bring in my Uber/Lyft?

  2. Proceed to Ground Transportation on Arrivals Level.

    After getting off a flight, follow the signs to "Ground Transportation" and "Baggage Claim." When ready, walk outside and look for "Passenger Pickups" or a designated area labeled, "TNC/Rideshares."

  3. Notify your driver of your location

    Call or message your driver with information such as Terminal, Door Number and any other information that will help locate you.

More tips and advice on requesting a ride and finding your driver at the airport: Tips & Advice: Requesting an Uber/Lyft for Airport Pickup

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