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Tips & Advice: Requesting an Uber/Lyft for Airport Pickup

Posted by: RideGuru Apr 03, 2018


Here is everything you need to know before you take an Uber from the airport. Depending on which airport you are arriving at, Uber or Lyft may not be available, so it is always smart to check beforehand.

We will walk you through all the ways you can check to find your rideshare options, find the designated airport pickup spot, request the ride, and successfully complete your trip. Happy riding!

1) Rideshare Choices: Check which rideshare options are available

Use RideGuru's Calculator or check this article: "What Rideshares are Available at Airports." This will tell you whether or not you have the option of taking an Uber or Lyft.

2) Designated Pickup Areas: Look for the Pickup Spot

Many larger airports now have designated pickup areas for rideshares. They are labeled as "TNC/Rideshares" and usually are near the baggage claims, on the arrival floor, and near "Ground Transportation" signs.

If you do not see such signs, follow the signs to Ground Transportation or look in your Uber App upon arrival at the airport. They often display instructions on where to go.

3) Requesting a Ride: Wait until pickup spot to call a driver

You should wait until you have arrived at the pickup areas (or curbside) before requesting a ride. The waiting time at airports are usually under 5 minutes, as drivers are often nearby or waiting in a designated queue.

Most airports usually have drivers readily available at all hours of the day, even late into the night or early in the morning. Wait to request your ride to make sure you do not get charged a wait fee, or have to walk to a different location to meet your driver.

4) Vehicle Information: Look your driver up in the app

Once you have requested the ride and you have been matched up with a driver, look for the following information to help you identify your driver.

This information will help you identify the car as it approaches. Keep an eye out, as there will be many similar cars picking up passengers in the same area.

5) Drivers: Contact your driver

Try messaging or calling the driver with information such as:


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