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Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a land of paradise. As one of the beautiful islands of Hawai'i, it is a place where mainlanders may travel on a tropical vacation. For the locals, Maui is home. The local traditions are quite spectacular, and while visiting Hawaii you will notice a major difference in culture -- even though it is part of the United States. There is so much to see in Maui, most of which are beautiful natural landmarks. Much of the nature is still preserved in this wonderful island, and it is full of remarkable beauty. From the black sand beaches, to the blowholes, volcanos,  and waterfalls, your trip to Maui will surely be full of adventure. Some of the most famous foods to eat when visiting Maui are poi (a starch dish similar to a potato), kalua pork, and salmon. As you might have guessed, the seafood on the island of Maui is pretty delicious! To top it all off, the weather in Hawaii is nice most of the year, with a short rain season between summer and winter.

RideGuru's Top Spot

Haleakala National Park

Home to the dormant Haleakalā Volcano and endangered Hawaiian geese, Haleakala National Park is a must-see attraction when visiting the island of Maui. Visitors can hike the trails to see views of the West Maui Mountains.  During the hike, watch out for the cinder cones and lava flows. Bring a bathing suit and change of clothes, as the park includes the coastal area which are home to the Pools of Ohe’o, freshwater pools and waterfalls, in the middle of the bamboo forest.


Top Attractions

Top Places to Eat: Merriman's Maui, Mama's Fish House, Paia Fish Market, South Maui Fish Company (do you see a pattern here?)

Hidden Gem: If you are in Maui, you must go ziplining! The mountains are just as beautiful as the beaches, so take a day off of snorkeling and hit the trails.

Road Trip: The Road to Hana is famous for its incredible island views. The highway has 620 curves and 59 narrow bridges. Fill up your gas tank before taking the trip! It can take anywhere from two to four hours to complete, but plan a full day since you will want to stop, park the car, and view some of the island's most amazing sights.

Did you know?

Maui has 30 miles of white, red, and black sand beaches, and 80 beaches in total!

Lahaina, Maui was the original state capital of Hawaii, until Honolulu took that honor in 1850.

Maui has been voted the “Best Island in the World” 16 times by Conde Nast Magazine.

Disney created a movie called Moana in 2017 that depicted mythology found in Hawaiian and Polynesian history. The star of the movie is from Hawai'i!