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Posted by: RideGuru Team Sep 09, 2016


Here at RideGuru, we believe all riders deserve the right to compare rideshare prices and know their estimated costs before traveling. We also believe that drivers have a right to know how much commission each and every rideshare company pockets from their paychecks. Transparency is in important part of any travel decision and therefore we have decided (with your help!) to fix this issue.

Together we can make a change and bring transparency to the rideshare marketplace. Just as you know the price of your train, plane, or bus ticket before traveling we feel rideshare riders deserve the right to know the cost of their car ride before traveling as well. And just as you wouldn't accept a job without seeing if your salary is par for the market, we feel drivers deserve the same courtesy. Some rideshare companies have tried to shut down websites that have provided this information but we feel all riders and drivers have a right to know their options!

To spread the word we have created a thunderclap campaign that will be scheduled for the same day as our official RideGuru website release. Through thunderclap we hope to harness the power of social media in sharing our important cause. Please join us! You can choose to share via Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr (please share wherever you are most active). 

Join our thunderclap to share the importance of transparency and honesty within the ridehail marketplace!

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