Introducing “The Lounge”: A Community for Riders and Drivers

Posted by: RideGuru Team Dec 12, 2016
Updated Jan 16, 2020


*Join The Lounge now for a chance to win a Swag Bag! See below for our Giveaway Campaign.

When our team first created Ride.Guru, we always envisioned the site becoming an active community where rideshare drivers and riders would interact and connect. A little under 3 months later, we are excited to make this vision a reality and formally announce the release of our first community forum – The Lounge.

Through “The Lounge” community members can discuss trending rideshare news, connect with other drivers and riders, and engage in heated debates between taxis and rideshares. All entries have the ability to be upvoted or downvoted, allowing for the most engaging topics to “ride” to the top.

Each community participant will be able to choose a badge for themselves upon creation of an account. The badges available are Taxi Driver, Rideshare Driver, and Rider. This allows drivers to easily pose questions to riders and vice versa. Wear your badges proudly and find others in your camp to share tips, tricks, and hacks with!

Throughout The Lounge, leading industry experts, deemed “Ride Guru’s”, will also be discussing topics and weighing in with their answers.

The Rideshare GuyHarry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy, will be one of the experts joining the The Lounge as a Guru. Not only will Harry be answering your questions and discussing today’s hottest topics, he will also be moderating his own personal forum which will be filled with his podcasts, advice, and stories. Harry is eager to spread his expertise through "The Lounge", stating, “My goal is to answer any question you might have about the world of rideshare.  Whether you're an experienced veteran of Uber or just heard about it for the first time today, I'm here to help!”

Join today and share your opinions on this fast paced industry (plus see below for a chance to win some goodies)!


The Lounge Giveaway

To celebrate the opening of The Lounge, we are hosting a giveaway! From 12/15 – 1/15, we will be giving away one complete RideGuru swag bag every day. The Swag Bag includes a drawstring backpack, t-shirt, koozie, sunglasses, luggage tag, and a car dashboard non-slip pad.

To be eligible for entry, participants must complete 15 interactions on The Lounge. These interactions can either be in the form of creating new posts or commenting on others posts. Sign up and comment now to qualify. Happy bantering!

*Giveaways are only able to be shipped within the continental United States.


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