Increase your Rideshare Driving Revenue with Maximum Ridesharing Profits

Posted by: RideGuru Team Jan 15, 2019
Updated Aug 06, 2020


Maximum Ridesharing Profits

Looking for tips to increase your rideshare driving revenue?

We highly recommend checking out The Maximum Ridesharing Profits Course by our friend, Harry Campbell aka TheRideshareGuy. Maximum Ridesharing Profits is an online video course for rideshare drivers, that equips drivers with the knowledge to not only get on the road quickly but also to maximize their driving efforts to make the most money in the least amount of time possible.

The course layout is full of great topics that are divided up into two different sections. First, there is the “Standard Edition” which helps new drivers learn the basics quickly and effectively, it is also a good review for seasoned drivers. Second, is the “Gold Edition”, which dives into more advanced topics such as Tax Advice and Surge Pricing Strategies.

Standard Edition Topics

With the Standard Edition Topics, new drivers can quickly learn the basics of ridesharing. Most videos in this section are between 15 to 30 minutes, and discuss all the ins and outs of becoming a rideshare driver.

Video 1 – Introduction to Ridesharing

Video 2 – Ridesharing Basics

Video 3 – Which Ridesharing Service Should You Drive For?

Video 4 – Providing the 5 Star Experience

Video 5 – Beginner Strategies To Make Money With Ridesharing

Video 6 – Bonus: Tools For Rideshare Drivers

Gold Edition Topics

Through the Gold Edition, drivers can expect to tackle some unique advanced strategies. Harry and his co-instructor Brian, really dive deep into these topics, covering every angle possible.

Video 1 – Where to Find More Pickups

Video 2 – Surge Pricing Strategies

Video 3 – Advanced Strategies

Video 4 – Answering the Tough Questions

Video 5 – Tax Advice to Maximize Profits

Video 6 – Course Update: More Bonus Content

Not only does this course supply 12 helpful videos from two of the top industry experts but they also include a blog, timely support help, and affiliate program opportunities. When you log in you will see Harry responding to comments and questions on almost every video. Having the ability to discuss rideshare tactics personally with Harry, is alone worth the cost of this course!

For the time being, the course is only $47 with a 14 day money-back guarantee!

Have you tried the Maximum Ridesharing Profits course yet? If so, discuss your thoughts with other drivers on our forum!

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