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All about the #1 course for Drivers, Maximum Ridesharing Profits

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 Posted 8 months ago

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Let's get a thread going on Harry Campbell's (TheRideshareGuy) Uber/Lyft driver course, Maximum Ridesharing Profits. Who here has tried it? Anyone thinking of signing up? 

Background: Maximum Ridesharing Profits is an online video course for rideshare drivers, that equips drivers with the knowledge to not only get on the road quickly but also to maximize their driving efforts to make the most money in the least amount of time possible.

The course layout is full of great topics that are divided up into two different sections. First, there is the “Standard Edition” which helps new drivers learn the basics quickly and effectively, it is also a good review for seasoned drivers. Second, is the “Gold Edition”, which dives into more advanced topics such as Tax Advice and Surge Pricing Strategies.

More info.

Full Disclosure: RideGuru does get a referral fee if you sign up for this course through the above link.


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    156 Rider Driver
     8 months ago

    I have bought this in the past and actually found it helpful. I was skeptical but my wife convinced me to buy it and they really do go very in depth on every topic. They also seem to update information as time goes on to fit Uber/Lyft changes which is helpful. In the end, I also enjoyed reading others comments and seeing collective answers to questions I didn't even think to ask. If you drive full time, I would definitely buy this at least for the resource.

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    1062 Rider Driver
     8 months ago

    You don't need "professional" information for a job like ridesharing, you just need to keep your eyes open on the streets, and to interact with others on sites like this.  What works for some people won't work for everyone, and what may be sound advice in his market could potentially be disastrous in your area.  

    Let's face it... sites like the one that Harrry runs have only one goal... to promote ridesharing and get people to use their referral code when signing up.  I'm sure he makes more off of referrals than most drivers make driving full time.  

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      95 Driver
       7 months ago

      You speak the truth. This is one of those jobs you learn on the job.  It's easy.  You be your boss and you do your own thing. No formal training needed.  That's why we are independent contractors and it got so popular.

      I do appreciate people trying to share their experience and knowledge, but I wouldn't go to the point of paying for these services.

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     8 months ago

    I've seen this before, maybe I'll give it a go. I've been having a lot more down time recently during my shifts.

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    223 Rider Driver
     8 months ago

    I just don't really see what they could help me with, I have been driving for a while now. Though the tax info sounds intriguing. I saw that other people mentioned that some of their taxi filing tricks saved them hundreds. I always wonder what I am missing out on when I file my taxes.