Solo Female Traveler? Tips on Taking Rideshares

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon Jun 21, 2019
Updated Jan 16, 2020

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Solo female travelers are adventuring to every corner of the world. Instagram is full of fabulous vacation pictures in exotic destinations. There are even Facebook groups now dedicated to solo female travelers. Going on an adventure alone is a liberating experience. However, getting around and feeling safe is a major concern for female solo travelers. Getting in a car with a stranger is scary enough but doing it alone in a foreign country can be extremely nerve-wrecking

Uber may be the largest player in the rideshare industry on an international level but they are far from the only rideshare service available. Technology is always evolving and new resources are becoming available all the time. Currently one major trend driven by women travelers is "rideshare services for women".

If you are a woman heading off on a solo trip, do a little research. There are many female oriented rideshare services that are exclusively driven by women, for women. These services help to create a sense of safety and security for passengers as many women tend to trust other females more than males when in a foreign situation.

Before booking your next ride, look at the reviews and those left by other women. Reviews can be a huge indication of what the experience will be like. When you order a rideshare and it has arrived, make sure the license plate and car match the description you were given. Take a picture of the license plate. In case something happens, this gives you documentation. Pools are rides that are shared with other people. You won’t know the other people in the vehicle, but you’ll be surrounded by others for a safety in numbers feel. Keep a whistle or pepper spray on you; these can help keep and make you feel safe while traveling. 

Rideshares take you to the destination you choose. If you are heading to the place you’re staying, especially if it is a private residence, have the driver drop you off near your destination but not right to the door of your destination. This allows for you to be close without the driver knowing exactly where you will be. This is especially important if you are staying somewhere alone for the night.

Solo travels are amazing, but it is important to be safe. Rideshares are a convenient way to get around while traveling but it is important to always follow these tips to ensure your safety while ridesharing.


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