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Travel Tips to Help You Stop Running Late

Posted by: felicia Jun 24, 2019


Do you tend to always run late when meeting up with friends or arriving to work? Not that is in an excuse, but running late is easier than ever before. It can be difficult to work up the motivation when the next Netflix binge is calling or your friend facetimes you last minute. Punctuality is a virtue, especially when you’re traveling. Missing a flight or important connection can cost you big bucks.

Transportation is an important part of being on time. It can be the reason you get to your destination on time. It can also be the reason your entire travel timeline unravels. A big part of timely transportation is preparedness. 

Uber and other rideshares are amazing resources when you’re traveling to help get you around new and different places. They are fast, easy, and affordable. What more could you want? The problem is that most people wait to order their Uber or Lyft until the last minute. This can be a major reason why you are running behind. When ordering a ride, people forget there is a five to ten minute wait before the car will arrive. Those five to ten minutes could be the difference between you being on time to your engagement or being late. The wonderful and easy part of these rideshare platforms is the ability to order ahead of time. If you’re planning on leaving in the next 15 minutes, we suggest that you check the app to view current wait times and plan on ordering your car accordingly. That way, you’ll be ready by the time the car gets to you and you won't be waiting around for your driver to arrive. A helpful tip is to set an alarm for 15 minutes before your departure time to remind you to check your rideshare app!

Cities of all sizes have traffic. There are busier times of day than other times. Knowing when rush hour is can help your time management. If you are aware of the traffic patterns, you can schedule your travel during the off times to cut down on travel time. Many large cities also have great public transportation systems. These can often cut the commute time down considerably to ensure you get to your destination quickly and punctually. 

It can be difficult making sure you’re on time. A little planning and preparation goes a long way to getting you to where you need to be without being late.    

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