Travel Safely During Coronavirus Epidemic

Posted by: Lilly Kenyon Mar 14, 2020


How to travel safely during covid-19

With international confirmed cases of Coronavirus surpassing 100,000, it’s important to practice good hygiene and health safety daily and especially while traveling. Hopefully, you are able to self distance and simply stay home but if you are in the position where you have to travel home or to a loved one, follow these very important guidelines.

Wash Your Hands Wash your hands as frequently as you can with warm water and soap for twenty seconds. This is the best and most important thing you can do to protect yourself from illness and infection. 

Avoid Touching Eyes, Ears, Mouth These are the three areas where germs can enter the body the easiest. By avoiding touching eyes, ears, and mouth, you’re ensuring less harmful bacteria and viruses enter your body. 

Cover Your Mouth When you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth. If you use a tissue, throw it away immediately. These will keep you safe and prevent other people from catching something. 

Wear A Mask It might not be the most fashionable accessory, but wearing masks will help prevent you from catching any airborne illnesses. Coronavirus is an airborne illness, so this could be a key factor in prevention. If you’re on a plane or in a crowded area, just put on a mask. You can carry some extra ones in a purse or bag so you don’t have to wear one all the time if you don’t need to. It is also suggested that you wear gloves.

Hydrate Water is one of the most important things you can give your body. Without it, our bodies would fail. Hydration is a great way to stay healthy. Aim for eight eight ounce glasses or two liters or half a gallon of water a day. 

Sleep Sleep is one of the most important things you can do while traveling. If you don’t get a good night’s rest you are compromising your immune system. The better you sleep, the more capable your body is to fight off illness. 

Exercise, Stretch Exercise is a great way of getting your body tuned up and ready to go. A healthy body can fight illness and keep it away. Stretching is also a great way to make you feel great and invigorate the mind so you remember all to wash your hands and practice good health.

Healthy Foods It can be hard to eat healthy when traveling, but good food allows the body to maintain its strength without getting worn down from all the adventures of a trip. Everything that goes in will make a difference in the long run. Focus on getting as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can. Stop by a local store and grab some fruits to take on the go for a healthy, easy snack.

Breath Take a moment to breath in and out slowly. Your body needs oxygen. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or inundated by life and travels, take a moment to stop and breathe. Deep breaths relieve stress and help your body adjust to the world around you as it is. 

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