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Real driver questions from RideGuru anonymous users.


Comments by AnonymousDriver

  • In fear that this thread just ends up being a free for all whining fest:

    1. I will tip you on the app. Never say that, this is a red flag for your driver. Just tip, if you decided to do so.
    2. I will give you 5 stars, man. Humiliating. If you decided to go with 5 stars instead of a tip, just do it.
    3. How do you like driving for Uber? 96% of the drivers quit within 1 year. That gives you the answer by itself. In my area I get paid $0.76/mile and $0.12/minute. Please don’t ask me how I feel. If you like the ride, just tip.
    4. Do you have an AUX cord? No, I don’t. If you wanna listen to your music, use your phone and your headphones.
    5. May we stop here (at this convenience or liquor store, food chain place, whatever)? Yes, we can. But consider that while shopping, your driver gets $0.12 a minute, so when stopped please produce an US bill of considerable value with the words “I will be right back, sir” just to hear “Take your time” in return.
    6. May I take my dog with me? Yes, but you have to approach a car with your toy dog in one hand and, again, with the bill of a considerable amount in the other. I am obligated to take the service animal only. Please don’t fake it as well.