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Tips for driving in a small rural market?

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 Posted 4 years, 3 months ago


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     4 years ago

    Cool. I recently spoke to someone who asked me the same thing.  

    The basic concepts are the same, and some of the same tips apply.  Don't chase fares, stay put in populated areas, and look out for transportation hubs like train stations and airports.

    Every city big and small have transportation hubs, whether it's a train station or a bus stop.  Target those areas and branch out depending on how busy those locations are.

    Then look for restaurants, bars, and strip malls.  Every town has that.

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     4 years ago

    Also hang out by hotels 

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       4 years ago

      That's a great tip.  People who are staying in hotels are from out of town, and may not have access to a car or care to drive in an unfamiliar city.  Without good public transport (in an rural area), they'd probably lean on Uber/taxi services.