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    Uber Car Bursts Into Flames I am honestly not sure what makes me more angry about this story. Watch the video and read the …
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    Diamond Nerf

    Soooooo ... in predictable Uber fashion they announced a significant change to the UberPro Diamond perk that offers 6% more …
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    Uber Destination Mode Paying 30% Less

     Uber apparently has been taken over by Bernie Sanders. They don’t want us using destination mode anymore so instead of …
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    Declining Long Distance Short Rides

    Many drivers like myself drive for multiple companies to reduce downtime. Since Uber recently added trip duration to the ride …

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     4 years ago in  The future of the gig economy...

  •  But then you are liable for the taxes on most of that income you make. Fair writes off the miles.  I don’t live in California but I hear the taxes are quite intense. 

    How would one go about estimating upfront how to compare income earned and tax liability using this rental or by owning their own car?  If we have learned one thing these past eight years it is that Uber looks out for Uber and only Uber 😂 

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     5 years ago in  What Do Ratings Mean for Rideshare Drivers?

     I don’t actually think it has to do with income.  I have come to realize now the racially diverse low income areas are perfectly fine. Any area (and that includes wealthy areas) that is not racially diverse puts your rating at risk and possibly deactivation if you frequent it often enough.

    If it’s way too white, too black, or too Hispanic you might want to limit your presence if that isn’t your tribe.  By limit I mean you can go there and make some money but I wouldn’t do it every day.  The ratings are based on an average of your last 500 rides so you can take a good amount of hits and be ok.

  • The strike is obviously impacting the riders. The cancel spam directly impacts drivers who drive during the strike. If riders can’t get a ride so easily during the strike isn’t that the point?

    Personally I liked the trucker’s “slow roll” protest better. They broke no laws they simply calculated that driving at the exact speed limit would cause a meltdown in Chicago. Brilliant ha absolutely brilliant. 😂

  • 😂 Amazon probably has them real cheap 

  • I spent many years working for a company that studied law suits. Any time there was a case involving Uber/Lyft the plaintiff always had separate suits filed. One against your insurance, one against the ride share’s insurance, and one against the other vehicle’s insurance. Sounds like they have to prove some serious damages to exceed that $1m primary.

    Probably more likely for a wrongful death case like the recent Chicago case. Can’t put a price on a beautiful young human life.

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     5 years ago in  Driver strike on May 8th - Are you participating?

    Absodoodlutely I am. Screw these investors and their demands for less driver pay and quicker AV evolution.

  •  That is actually a really good name 😂

  •  That’s the New York Post not the New York Times, FYI. Ironically the New York Times are constantly reporting things incorrectly so I guess it’s no big deal. 😂

     Yes I plan to participate on May 8 in three days. I’m not only going to not drive I am going to order and cancel one right before the two minute mark on each service.  I am specifically doing this to agitate the scabs among us who will be out there trying to get the two or three dollar surges.

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     5 years ago in  Worried about violent Uber driver

     Yeah that stuff happens once or twice a week it’s pretty brutal. My apologies I didn’t notice until I read your post a second time the driver physically dragged your friend out of the car. That is a big no-no. Under no circumstances are you to place your hands or any other part of you onto a rider’s body. 

    You shouldn’t bother trying to contact Uber your friend should contact the police directly. They have a special law-enforcement portal they use when they have rideshare issues.

     Only twice have people refused to get out of my car I didn’t raise my voice or call the police either time.  They willingly exited the vehicle once I started playing this song not even at full volume just normal volume is adequate. One tried to tough it out but at the :58 seconds mark nobody can withstand that.  Hell, I even like this band and I can’t withstand it. I was giving them five more seconds and then I was going to just hand them the keys and I was going to run away.

  • It seems much more likely the passenger in the North Carolina story has access or knows somebody who does have access to look up a license plate and pull an address. He probably has a friend at the DMV or in Law Enforcement. Big time abuse of power there.

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     5 years ago in  Worried about violent Uber driver

    Sorry that this happened to you. It’s not really an excuse but there are a lot of pay issues/passenger issues lately that are turning more and more drivers into ticking time bombs. Last night two 40 year old man childs left this in my car:

    No apology of any kind, no acknowledgement of any kind. They literally acted like it didn’t happen and then they ran away from the car like it was on fire. That’s how low on the food chain some people think of Uber drivers.

    A few weeks back I caught a woman snorting cocaine in my back seat.  I normally don’t keep a close eye on people but this one seemed suspicious like she was trying to distract me. After denying it for a few minutes she randomly grabs the top of my forehead and tries shoving cocaine into my nose. It was pretty terrifying.

     On Easter Sunday 4 drunk idiots on what was supposed to be a 3 minute ride wanted me to take them through the Whitecastle’s drive-through at 2 AM and I know for a fact that is a 15 minute debacle. I very politely informed them that I am not willing to do that and I could take them home two minutes away or drop them off at White Castle.  The lobby is open 24 hours. These guys pulled out their cameras and started going on and on about this is what a loser looks like make sure you all finish high school so you don’t turn into this guy.

     I am a pretty damn nice guy and I have a 5.0 rating with Lyft and a nearly perfect rating with Uber with around 1500 rides done for each.  Nice guy or not every time this stuff happens I get pushed a little closer to the Darkside. At some point you are going to ask me to stop at the ATM and I’m going to flip out at you. It’s not your fault and I apologize in advance.

     As far as taxis go a lot of them are literally committing suicide in significant numbers so I can’t imagine feeling safer with the taxis, just saying.

    As far as reporting this person’s behavior go to the ride history in the app. Click on it and there should be options to report ride issues. If it’s not there for some reason check the email payment receipt they sent you there should be options there as well.

  • 1) Groom yourself in the car in any way. This includes but is not limited to:

    Scalp scraping and/or any excessive scratching anywhere on the body

    Nail biting/ clipping

    Nose picking/ Consumption of Nose Contents

    Application of hair products and/or makeup


    Insertion of eye drops / Inhalation or ingestion of allergy or misc medication

    2) Placing your fluids in the car in any capacity for any reason. This includes but is not limited to:

    Kissing, fornicating with another person or person(s) or strictly by yourself with yourself, vomiting, spitting out the window, excessive coughing, ANY uncovered sneezing/coughing, NOT showering at the gym and requesting a ride seriously this one bothers me ... we know where you live and we neither forgive nor forget you sweaty imbecile.

    3) Requesting or demanding stops like late night drive thrus, busy liquor stores, etc. No amount of “alleged” future tip is worth it considering two thirds of people that compel you into doing things don’t end up tipping.

    4) Start a controversial discussion of any kind especially political discussions which can be violent discussions these past 10 - 15 years or so. Lots of high school dropouts don’t seem to realize that threatening to kill the current or any former President is a felony and it just makes for any awkward ride.

    5) Try to compel drivers into bending or breaking rules most commonly open liquor consumption in the vehicle, smoking/vaping/toking in the car, more passengers than seatbelts, unaccompanied minors, children without booster or safety seats, etc.

  •  You don’t actually get to pick the race or gender of somebody you are hiring or contracting. That’s very illegal and unethical.

  •  I am unaware of any direct ancestry link however ethnically I am descended from slaves as are most of us. I like to think of Uber pro as pretty much the same thing as when my ancient ancestors were told by their slave masters, if you work harder than the other slaves today  I will let you sleep in the barn with the horses. And if you really impress me I might let you whip and flog some of the other slaves occasionally.

  • I have an endless supply of empathy and compassion for these victims but yeeeeah I dunno about these law suits. They are quite frivolous and the lawyers that told these poor victims they have a good case should be investigated. Like what Michael Avinatti (sp?) was trying to do to Nike that is what these circus clown lawyers are doing here which is extortion really. Write me a check with many 0’s and your PR nightmare goes away, etc


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     5 years ago in  Aw! Couple weds after meeting in Uber

    Passengers try to marry me all the time it’s really not a big deal.

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     5 years ago in  Diamond Nerf

    Sometimes the rideshare gig feels like Thanos snapped his fingers and caused half our pay to cease to exist.

    Ha I added the appropriate meme to original post. Uber was right and I do feel much better now working for less.

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     5 years ago in  What is HyreCar?

    Thanks for the warning

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     5 years ago in  Have you had any #whatsmyname passengers yet?

     I pick up a librarian named Michelle somewhat frequently and every time she walks to my car now I randomly blurt out #whatsmichelle 

    She’s always good for a three dollar tip bless her soul

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