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A cozy relationship between Uber and AZ governor. The secrets of the self-driving program.

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2096 Rider
 Posted 4 years, 4 months ago

Am I surprised?!  Uber bribing the governors to push for their un-proven self-driving program.

Arizona’s Republican governor repeatedly encouraged Uber’s controversial experiment with autonomous cars in the state, enabling a secret testing program for self-driving vehicles with limited oversight from experts, according to hundreds of emails obtained by the Guardian.

The previously unseen emails between Uber and the office of governor Doug Ducey reveal how Uber began quietly testing self-driving cars in Phoenix in August 2016 without informing the public.

And look at this;

Uber’s behind-the-scenes efforts to court Ducey, and the governor’s apparent willingness to satisfy the company, is made clear in the emails, which were sent between 2015 and 2007 and obtained by the Guardian through public records requests.

They reveal how Uber offered workspace for Ducey’s staff in San Francisco, praised the governor lavishly, and promised to bring money and jobs to his state. Ducey, meanwhile, helped Uber deal with other officials in Arizona, issued decrees that were friendly to the company, tweeted out an advert at the company’s request, and even seems to have been open to wearing an Uber T-shirt at an official event.


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     4 years ago

    All just puppets.  You know it. $75B can buy you everything.

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     4 years ago

    No, not surprised. I think this happens in every city around the world.  They are dirty dirty company and they throw their money around.  

    What's written in this article are the clean ones.  As the investigation continues, I bet we will find out more, like bribes and such.