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After historic vote, new rules guarantee minimum wage for NYC Uber, Lyft drivers

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 Posted 10 months, 2 weeks ago

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Wow, this is big. Drivers in NYC are now guaranteed to make minimum wage! This applies to Uber, Lyft, Via and Juno.


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    92 Rider
     10 months ago

    Im confused is minimum wage $15 or $17? Both seem really good!

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      53 Rider Driver
       10 months ago

      This is just saying that drivers now have to make $17.22 an hour, not that it is the cities minimum wage.

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      35 Rider Driver
       10 months ago

      I actually always thought it was $12 in NYC.

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        1573 Rider Driver
         10 months ago

        Keep in mind they're factoring in a car and expense cost per hour so that $17.22 is supposed to represent a minimum wage AFTER expenses.

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          232 Rider Driver
           10 months ago

          right, after taxes and car expenses this will probably be even less than $12. How are they going to guarantee this minimum? Do you know?