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After seeing an elderly veteran living in squalor, an Uber driver stepped in to help

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108 Driver
 Posted 5 years ago

Don’t mind a feel good story about an Uber driver once in a while. 



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    8198 Rider Driver
     5 years ago  (edited 5 years ago)

    Thanks for posting this. Not every Uber driver is a sexual predator or awful person. Many drivers go out of their way to help their passengers. It could just be a kind word, a conversation, some good advice, listening to your rider, a smile. I have met some interesting, intelligent, kind people driving for Uber both drivers and riders. There are still decent, kind, people out there. Great thing this driver did for that man. 

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     5 years ago

    Oh wow, this was definitely worth a read. Such a sweet story. This makes me want to go do something nice!

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     5 years ago

    I hate thinking about how many people in the world are in this mans situation with no one left to help them. What a terrible way to live.