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Any Drivers out there driving New Years Eve?

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8199 Rider Driver
 Posted 3 years, 11 months ago

II did drive last year. It was steady but not as busy as the night before Thanksgiving. Had my 1st rider  throw up last year. Pick up was at Golden Gates on Rennard from a Russian Club on Tomlinson (New Years Eve).So far the 3 pickups from there were not good. Two vomited and other time a big fight in parking lot. Had a rough time getting out of there. Last New Years Eve pick up husband & wife in their late 30's early 40's to Conshohoken. Ride was ok didn't seem drunk but wife kept putting window up & down. Husband said she was hot. We get to City Line when husband says "can you pull over, she feels sick".  No she was more than feeling sick, she threw up in car. Most was frozen to the outside of my car all down passengers door, window, and back corner panel. Thankfully the only vomit that got inside was on the door which husband cleaned up with wipes I gave him. Why do people think it's the smart thing to do,  puke out a window doing 60mph? Do they really think its going to go on the road? Could've been avoided had they mentioned she was feeling sick not hot. I had vomit bags also thst I would've happily given to her. Husband handed me 20.00 to get car washed.  Unfortunately my doors and locks would of froze had I washed it. I had 45 min left to complete 1 trip for 65.00 promotion. I was out in the middle of nowhere at 3:15am with like all down the side of the car. I no understood why Uber charges what they Do for puking in an Uber. Vomit = no more rides for the night, promotion 65.00 loss. What a wonderful way to start New Year. 20.00 from rider just about covered my car wash. 


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    OP 8199 Rider Driver
     3 years ago

    Happy New Year to all. For all the drivers who are  driving New Years Eve. Stay safe. Be careful. Hope your night is a happy, non vomit, successful night with lots of big tips:) We can only hope.