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Anyone have good advice for making more driving Uber in Chester county suburbs outside Philadelphia?

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 Posted 4 years ago


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     4 years ago

    I would experiment with Amtrak Station in Paoli

    Amtrak has two services that both stop at Paoli (more than Exton)

    Keystone Service and Pennsylvanian

    So download Amtrak App, use their Status button - pick Don't know your train number option ->

    Put Harrisburg for the From and Paoli in the To, then click Check Status (write down the arrival times)

    repeat the same only now use Philadelphia 30th street station as the From.

    Having all these times you can show up at the station in correct time - and see if you can get some rides.

    If Paoli comes up dry try Exton

    Definitely use Uber and Lyft not just one platform, while waiting for rides keep checking for Scheduled rides on Lyft sometimes something good may come up - so scoop that up