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Can I schedule a ride in advance in San Francisco

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 Posted 4 months ago

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We are traveling to San Francisco next week and I want to know how to schedule a ride in advance. Can I pre -book a ride with Uber? Is this reliable?

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    988 Rider Guru
     4 months ago

    Yes, you can schedule a ride ahead in SF if you are worried about getting a ride, though as RedANT stated you should have no problem getting a ride on demand.

    If you are looking for companies that focus on scheduling rides in advance you can use RideGuru's Fare Calculator and look under the "Book Ahead" tab for your trip to find companies that will allow you to easily book your ride in advance.

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    1060 Rider Driver
     4 months ago

    So you're traveling to a major  metropolitan area,  heart of the tech industry, corporate HQ for both Uber and Lyft and one of the most saturated driver markets in the world, and as a driver you're wondering if you need to schedule rides in advance?  

    Can you schedule a ride?  Yes, you'd schedule it like you would in any other city.  My question would be why would you?  It's not like you'd ever have to wait more than 1-2 minutes for a ride.