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Can you order a ride that already has a carseat for a child or are you allow ...

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 Posted 6 months ago

Can you order a ride that already has a carseat for a child or are you allowed to bring you own?


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    8153 Rider Driver
     6 months ago

    Uber has Uber Black Car seat. It is more pricey and then its an additional $10 for the seat. I have 4 children now adults there is no way I would put them in one of those seats when they were younger. You dont know if the driver cleans them or disinfects them after each use. You dont know if they have the right stage safety seat you need for your childs age. I know they dont carry different ones they have no room to store them. They could've bought it second hand and it could have been involved in an accident. It could be a recalled seat and the driver doesnt know it.  Too many possible issues. If its not an inconvenience for you bring your seat. Some peoples idea of clean & germ free may not be your idea of clean. Just sayin:) I see some pretty nasty things out on the road. For example 95% of the people who use public restrooms either dont wash their hands at all or give them a 2 second rinse. I just dont understand people. Hope this helps you decide:)