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"Disability Tax" - Are all these taxis and Uber fees for Handicap and Wheelchairs access illegal? [WIVB]

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 Posted 5 years, 10 months ago

Is it illegal to charge more for these special Uber and Taxi prices for handicap access?

Loading fees of $30 charged this person.



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     5 years ago

    Hey if you would like to make a lil extra money I’m in desperate need of a ride to Kingston Ontario on the 30th I’ll pay you if you could take me there ik this is a lil odd but you are a Uber driver so I felt as if it wouldn’t be to much to ask just please take it into great consideration the ride is very much needed DDominico69

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    105 Rider
     5 years ago

    I remember hearing something like this for hotels and accessibility rooms, and how they should not be different prices.  

    I found it. Google is a friend: https://wheelchairtravel.org/disability-tax-ada-accessible-hotel-rooms/

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      189 Driver
       5 years ago

      i get it that normal stuff like wheelchair ramps and wheelchairs themselves should not be extra cost but for taxi drivers, isn't it more of a service the driver needs to provide?  There's a cost to them providing the equipment or spending the time.

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        113 Rider
         5 years ago

        It's not about the cost, right?  Ramps cost a lot to build but they build them.