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  • Gosh, so many holier than thou drivers here, claiming "they would be happy to wait." Why can't we be honest?  I absolutely hate waiting around and I know many other drivers do too.

    I get whopping $0.15 a minute and that's before Uber takes its 25% cut. (Maybe it's better in other cities.) That's like $6 an hour, lower than minimum wage.  I hear other drivers saying it's better than not having a passenger, but it sucks compared to when we are driving a passenger.

    We get paid the most while driving and the vehicle moving.  On a busy night, this kils productivity and earnings.    If I sat around all night waiting for people picking up their dates, I wouldn't be able to earn a living. 

    Please just complete the trip and order another one.  That isn't that hard, right?  Booking fee is like $2 to $3.