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Do not take people for an extra stop for Cash.

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 Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

Had a woman and man in my car the other night. They were both fine when they got in...  as we approached his home, she changed her mind and did not want to go home with him.  This is a situation I am very uncomfortable with as I will not leave a passenger in peril.   She kept giving me an address and asking me to take her home... I responded no, not unless it is in the app and that he should add it.  (Or I am thinking order another uber?)   It was obvious she was trashed... and I am sure the guy did not want to put the address in as a stop, but he finally manned up and did it.  Good thing too.  She threw up multiple times on the way... (she did not get anything in the car, threw up outside and thankfully also used an emesis bag for part of the trip.)  She also had a long anxiety attack.  It was like a bad sitcom and hard to watch.  I constantly reassured her she was ok as long as there was no puke in the car and that I am familiar with anxiety... and everything was OK.  The ride went well considering.  But here is the take away:  If she had puked in the car, there would have been no recourse to get a cleaning fee.  Sure, I would have gotten 20 bucks via venmo or something like that... but compared to the potential disaster... NO... not a good idea.  (note, she was fine when she got in the car... but things caught up to her 25 minutes later. Also, I wanted a record of me being at her destination and dropping her off there.  (note: the anxiety was not about puking fees... it was just anxiety.)

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