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     2 weeks ago in  Uber rate change: Higher time rate & Lower distance rate

    Hoe you are not referring to me?  If so, please "Do not assume"  It only makes an "ass of U and Me."  

    At these cuts you are looking at gaining @ $1 an hour of being in a ride with the meter running for a  solid hour.  

    (so for quick rides you may be driving to the pax for half that time.)

    You are losing over $6 for 45 miles of driving

    You are losing @ $1.55 for 10 miles of driving.

    So if you were in a solid ride for 1 hr and you only drove 10 miles, you would still be losing.

    Based on rough rates.

  • I would never decline a blind person. With a seeing eye dog... although to be fair, if it was huge, that might be a problem.  If it was dirty or musky, I carry towels and even a small tarp and might insist you let me lay them out for the dog to rest on.  Perhaps Uber is weeding out better quality drivers by whiddling down our earnings and Stealing wages on the DM rides.  The thought of having to shut down the app, and clean the car... could possibly excede the cost of the ride, but i doubt it...  It is a shame.    Sorry to hear she had to go through that... And then to be charged... some drivers have no shame.  Hope it was an accident... 

  • Spend 12 hours a day in a place that smells worse than a porta john.    Yeah, gonna make some great tips

  • Well it kind of does.   If he was not handicapped, I might have stopped the car and said "get out."

    I have done some research, his legs were very messed up despite being able to walk with a cane.  He may have been constipated for a long time which can lead to a situation where …. well... honestly  I don't wish to explain it here... no one wants to read it and it would make most people gag.   I have no doubt he does not bathe regularly, weekly, more?  The situation is not really very funny.  It is also unacceptable.   I have never met anyone that smells as bad as him.  In more ways than one.  I have spent time with plenty of handicapped and people the disabled.  Most do not have a bad smell.  Even if they do... not that bad.   Just wanted to make that clear.

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     1 month ago in  Uber rate change: Higher time rate & Lower distance rate

        To compound this issue,  (temporarily at least) Uber has decided to steal 30% of drivers earnings on return trips.  Please let me explain:  Uber drivers get 2 destination modes a day.  This is so we can get rides towards a destination of our choice.  It is a filter to only accept rides in our direction.  These do not really last for more than 20 minutes.  So, If I get a long ride out of town, on the return I can turn it on and still uber with out worrying about accepting a ride another two hours in the opposite direction.  

       The pay reduction in distance and increase for time causes a significant loss on long trips even with traffic.  Now, If I am lucky enough to get a ride back towards home (which often does not happen anyway) Uber is going to take 30% of the "agreed wages," which I really is  "stealing," and "distribute" it amongst drivers not using destination mode.  Quite frankly, if this happens, the app will be turned off:  I will not work at all on dead leg returns... or maybe I will work for someone else.  

       As a driver, I have enjoyed working for Uber... To the point of investing in my ride, amenities, and things to make the experience better for the passenger and myself.  It can get expensive.  These kind of games of shaving off income from drivers...  are just as bad as the worst desk job and bureaucracy.    If we want to be compliant, we pay for a nice car, maintenance, gas, property taxes, insurance, higher data plans on modern cell phone.  We spend hours cleaning the cars and have strict rules to keep them clean.  We are at risk on the road and assault, and we promote the product...    As with any investment in a relationship, it is painful when disrespected or cheated on.  It is difficult to feel like investing more of oneself when being told that if we go out of our way, our wages will be   from us.   

        The long rides, are the ones you really want to have nice cars on.  You want the people who take pride in there job, appearance, and equipment.  Not all drivers take good care of their cars and at this rate, those may be all that is left?   (It can be disgusting to sit in a messy car for 90 minutes.)

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     1 month ago in  Kid Rideshare

    Have to admit, it is a little intimidating… however, it might be fun.  As long as there are good security measures in place... I like the tracking part... I might be willing to give it a go.   However, I do not think there is anything like this in Charlotte, NC

    It would seem improbable that you could make much in a day, as I would think there are probably only a narrow field of hours these rides are needed.

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     1 month ago in  Can a parent order Uber or Lyft for a teenager? My kids?

    That is just too creepy.   Shirly you cannot be serious.      At least if the app is on, then there is some kind of... sort of... trust/accountability as if you are not trying to hide something.   Now, if there was a parent there... then maybe.

    I have been taking cabs since I was 12 on my own... mass transit since I was 11.  It is hard to believe the insurance laws, but I am not a lawyer.  It does seem ridiculous that we cannot give a minor a ride for what ever reason... but I certainly do not wish to get sued.  In some ways, it is a relief.  

     Sooner or later someone is going to offer a ride off the books, because if Uber/Lyft will not allow it, then I would think they have no say in preventing an independent offering them a ride for cash.    Uber will figure out how to get them rides correctly and covered.

  • Do you use ATT?

  • Sorry, with what they collect, I find it very hard to believe.   Perhaps they need to be split up.  I mean, what divisions are they experiencing billion dollar losses.

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     2 months ago in  Can a parent order Uber or Lyft for a teenager? My kids?

    From a driver's perspective this is an awful predicament.  Driving 15 minutes to pick up someone and finding out it is a minor late for school, then having to deny the trip.  Terrible.  Now try that three times in a row.   It is because of the insurance and I am not willing to risk it.  Not worth the money, or someone's health.  Now, I have one exception and have given this considerable thought.   If the minor is in an area that is dark or secluded and leaving them there might put them at risk, I will accept the fare.  However, I will ensure that my webcam footage for the trip is saved.   After leaving a young woman on a street as it was getting dark, I felt bad about it for a long time... if it was my daughter I would not want her in that situation...  I personally feel that older kids should be able to ride, but until parents complain... it will not change.  In fact, I would say they could be charged an additional fee for extra insurance and only use riders that have passed a background check.    I think it is also better if they do not ride alone.

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     2 months ago in  Is it true that Uber Scheduled Rides are not guaranteed?

    Lyft is more reliable and friendly to the driver, because they can schedule their time around it... including wake up times.  With Uber, you are going to sit and wait... or cannot plan because it is last minute.  Unfortunately the odds of getting an awful Lyft car here is high.   Last time we could smell the scent bombs in our clothing on the plane.

  • HI,

    I think you are getting scammed.  Here Uber will not gouge prices due to bad weather or situations.  I have driven in very bad conditions thinking I would be rewarded. (Snow and Ice.)  It was quite the opposite.  In fact, I found out they were charging the customers extra and not passing it on to me.  Never again - out of principle.  I am used to snow and ice, but it is dangerous where I live because we do not get it often here and there are hundreds of wrecks.   It is too much risk.   One accident and I could be out of a job for weeks.   

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     2 months ago in  Do drivers have hidden interior vehicle cameras?

    I have a camera in my car, it records both inside and out.  I also have signs inside the car and outside so that when you get in, you should be aware of it.  If you ask me nicely I may turn it off.  Most cameras loop.  So they record in @ 5 min segments and start recording over the oldest file when the drive gets full.  So far no one minds.   You should not be freaked out.  If you are worried, then just act appropriately.  If you are famous, then ask them not to point the camera at you.   Drivers need the safety of knowing that if a passenger acts inappropriately they can be held accountable.  Get sexually assaulted once (as a driver) and that is enough... to make us not worry at all about you being a little freaked out.  I personally feel that if there is a camera, customers would prefer you give them a heads up... and probably the driver should.

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     2 months ago in  Dead Leg Compensation

    You are right, it is a slippery slope.  But if the driver gets four of these rides a week... that is 8 hours working with no pay... and paying for the gas for 8 hours of driving.  Bringing this up to Uber makes no difference.  So, some drivers make it a prerequisite before they embark.  If you do not agree, then they will pleasantly let you know they cannot afford to drive you and let  you get another uber.   Me, I just ask them to consider the dead leg when it comes time to tip... usually... if it is far and out of state... and one way.

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     2 months ago in  Dead Leg Compensation

    That is amazing.  From less than 20 miles out of NC they will not connect you with a ride.  The app won't even turn back on if you turn it off, until you get back within range.  And if you go an hour and a half out, in state,  with the destination mode on, you will would be luck to get a small trip or two to the edge of town, then nothing before both your destinations run out of time... then you have to turn the app off to get home... and if you accept a ride, it could take you a few more hours in the wrong direction.  It is a rare occasion to get a ride back. You are lucky, because Newark is such a big airport.  The other airports here are quite small.

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     2 months ago in  Dead Leg Compensation

    Well, to answer your question:  No.  it is not likely that it will work on long trips.  I would say less than 1 out of 8 for me.  That gas, time, and mileage wasted is a cause for heartburn and depression.  It is a shame, because otherwise they are usually enjoyable while working.  
    I made two mistakes in my original post.  
    1) if you go more than a few miles outside the borders of your state, Uber will not give you requests until you cross back over.  (Not an hour)
    2) I ask passengers to consider leaving extra as I will be working without pay to get back.  (not leave a considerable tip.) but to imply maybe they might wish to give me a small hourly rate and some to cover the gas.
    Now, if you are worried that you did not give enough of a tip... maybe you did not.   While I would like to think I gave good service, was friendly, and you left feeling relaxed, safe, and even refreshed or happy...  I would also like you to consider that I provided you with a service and in a relaxing, clean, safe, and well maintained vehicle... and that I was attentive and appropriately interactive... and that this is how I put food on the table and pay rent.   If I do a good job, why would you want me to waste hours without pay because I agreed to take you far?   I could have said no... and maybe the next vehicle would be terrible with a rancid driver...   I leave the amount up to the customer.   If that makes you feel uncomfortable to leave a few or more dollars in tips... how to you think it makes me feel to work for hours with out pay after putting so much into my job.  (cleaning, polishing, paying for music services, providing water and other stuff.)   So based on the service and how you like the driver... be considerate and not pressured.   I have learned in life that is makes me happier to leave a few extra bucks for a waiter (especially one who is very good) than to hold back a few dollars.  Even when I was flat broke and needed the money.  
    Uber is not concerned with this.  The app does not care or help.  That is the reality.  They do not care if we make minimum wage even before expenses (like gas.)  That is the reality.  So is the potential expense of long trips.   (and they just reduced our pay per mile.)  So if we take you, please consider the above and follow your conscience.  We rate you before we see what you tip... unless you pay cash. That was long.  Sorry, I digress.  

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     3 months ago in  Uber Is Headed for a Crash [nymag]

    How can Uber not be making money?  Where is all the money going?  They take plenty from each ride from thousands and thousands of drivers...  They sure aren't giving it all to tech support!

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     5 months ago in  PLEASE wave when you see us. Please please please

    Sure, that is very good information.  Unfortunately if they are in a crowd it does not help... and all too often it does not work and the peg is not the spot where they actually are.   I see it on the wrong side of the street (in crowded areas you are not supposed to stop like last night) or on the wrong side of a bldg.  However, now I will look for a yellow man or a chess piece.  Very good info.

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     5 months ago in  PLEASE wave when you see us. Please please please

    LOL, to those that dont know, this exists.   It is a good idea.  The only flaw:  it sends a text to the driver.  (I do not text while driving and I need reading glasses so it is very hard to see the text, if it comes up at all and when it does, it only shows for a second then is hidden behind several layers of buttons.)    This is another issue.   People texting messages instead of just calling.

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