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  • Based on what Uber is now paying for your ride... I would say if the car is clean, the driver is pleasant, there are no bad smells, the driving is safe, and the car is in good condtition... that should warrant a 5 star rating.  

    Also, If the driver takes pride in his work or his ride... (which does include not allowing eating in the back seat) that should not count against him as it is keeping the car clean.  If the driver offers chargers, choice in music, water (which is too expensive to give for free now) or temperature adjustments... that seals the 5 or may make up for something that is a negative.

    Reasons to take away a point... Rudeness, unsafe driving, hitting on the customer.  Car is in poor condition cosmetically or mechanically.

    It is expensive to maintain a car.  It is also expensive to keep it looking new and takes time to maintain... every day.  These things are not paid for by uber.  So while you may get a ride for $7, that means the driver only gets $3.50.  So give the guy a break if you get a nice car and driver.  Especially if you are trashed and it is during peak bar times... as he is risking getting puked in for chump change.  If you get a nice car and driver... they are putting up with a lot for a little... if they are doing a great/good job, do not be stingy with the rating... and maybe don't be stingy and leave a tip if they are good.
    Yes, a single 1 rating takes 500 rides to get rid of.

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     2 months ago in  Lyft’s Women+ Connect

     Discrimination is discrimination.  If a white male or female said they only wanted white folk... or a black person the same... people would be upset.  People who make cakes have been sued for discrimination... as this is discrimination, but for non bianaries to not want what some call "breeders."  Maybe they should make a Christain, Jewish or Islam version too.  (How about liberal/conservative... GDI/Democrat/Republican rides?)

    Before you flame me, the fact is that Rideshares do not do enough to ensure the drivers or the passengers are kind and safe.  My ride is a safe space and I do not appreciate being discriminated against.  I welcome all races, all religions, all gender identities.  I do not welcome rude obnoxious degrading people... or those who would damage my ride or are abusive, though I can tolerate a lot.

    If a rider/driver cannot be nice to people who make different choices then they should be banned.

    If a rider/driver are abusive or rude, they should be banned.   (Aside from an unusually off day or like-response to rudeness)

    If a passenger does not have the right phone number linked to their account, they should be banned... until fixed.

    All passengers and riders shouldbe linked to a current and correct license or legal ID card or social security number  They should also be linked to a credit card... or account:  they should be held accountable for any damage done... or theft of equipment.... or be banned!

    All rider/passengers should be linked to something to ensure they are who they say they are so they can be held accountable for their actions.  You will find that alone would make people much nicer.  If they cannot be verified, then ban them.

    ALL DRIVERS and passengers should offer safe rides for everyone.  <PERIOD.  This is special interest group discrimination and it needs to stop.

    Frankly, I love having a diversified set of riders and would miss the fun if they were left out.

    You should also know that some women are just as bad as the worst men.  They can be mean and worse.  

    Women do not do as much driving probably because it can be dangerous...  I can tell you, first hand, doing rideshare gets dangerous at times.  People do bad things.  Not most drives, but it out of 10K rides... there have been bullets flying once, and a shotgun once.  Drunk people driving or falling in the streets... violent passengers... to people on the street and the driver.... drug dealers... people with guns...  There are bad situations that are increasingly occurring... and it is NOT all hetero men... it is everyone!   The fact is that ALL rides should be safe.

    Discrimination is discrimination.  Women make up half my rides.  Rideshare is no longer a great way to make money, so while I am still doing it, I cannot afford to be sitting around waiting for a passenger because I am being discriminated against for being a heterosexual male...  and a generally pleasant and very accepting and tolerant soul.  I take great pride in having have interestingly different friends and relatives and love them all regardless of their differences... 

    So yes, this really rubs me the wrong way.  I do believe everyone should have the same rights.  EVERYONE.  And we should respect everyone's choices and not give them a hard time about it.  This is not reverse discrimination... this is discrimination... period.

    The fact is that there are plenty of people who want to try rideshare.  Also, Uber and Lyft keep MORE than HALF of what the rider pays: once expenses are taken out of the drivers share... the rates approach minimum wage or even less... Hence, the driver pool average quality may be lower than optimal.   In fact, taking that into consideration... if your car does not stink, is very clean, and drives well... if your driver is considerate and drives safe...  If there are amenities... consider tipping a little.  It makes a difference.

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     5 months ago in  Our Top 4 Biggest Safety Tips for Rideshare Drivers

    Pepper Spray is good, but hard to get out of your interior and you may never get it all out... it can definitely prevent you from working for a while.  I wonder if there is a better alternative.

    Having been in three situations with guns.. that I know of... Being shot at (another car), guns in the car (to dangerous to deny the ride,)  and a shotgun in the face (pax gave wrong address.)  I now trust my gut more... (and do not go in driveways unless verified...)   

    If I do not like the area, I do not go.   Also, I have noticed a lot of 0 mile trips.  Don't like that one bit.  When I call to verify 1/2 cancel.

    Also, when I call and the phone number does not work... that sets me off, I do not feel safe.  Most say they could not change the number... Yeah... sure.

    Like you said... better to ding your rating than get hurt.  But once you are there, if you do not like what you see... you can cancel with out a ding.

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     6 months ago in  When a passenger damages my car or steals stuff.

    Probably, but for a $16-$20 charger?

  • Children should always have a seatbelt on.

  • You might want to have them wear the seatbelts.  If you have ever seen what happens to the people in the front seat when passengers in the rear do not wear seatbelts...  I have seen it happen in one accident, the guy in the back seat broke the front seat and pushed the front passenger into the dashboard snapping his neck and splitting it open (you sould see through it) killing him instantly.  The guy in the back seat woke up and staggered away.   Horrific accident.  One word:  Inertia.  You imagine a 120-280 lb person moving 35-70 mph behind you.  You stop and they do not.
    Just saying...

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     8 months ago in  False Accusation for Assault

    This is the world lately.   If you get assaulted, or someone steals from you, Uber will not back you up, they will not ban the customer, they will tell you to call the police and let them handle it.  If you are not diamond, they will not even answer a support call after 8pm.  Too many people are using different methods to get free rides by lying about the driver.  Also, they will not tell you which ride it was.  Offering them footage does nothing if they do not mention it soon enough as a smooth ride is no reason to flag a recording to not be over-written.  IT SUCKS.

  • Why Force things.  WHY does everything have to be equal in numbers.  Why do less women pee standing up...  I mean give me a break.  Women fight in wars alongside men.  If women want to do rideshare then they will.    Why would anyone want to rideshare at this time.  Uber is stingier than ever.  They keep finding ways to separate the drivers from their money.  Be it renting cars at prices that require working 40 hours a week to pay for with nothing to show for it as in partial ownership.  They have reduced surges.  They announce opportunities as simply events with no incentives to drive in traffic to work them.  (why leave home to sit in traffic for one ride for $8 that requires an hours drive.=?)   There is little incentive to pick up people at night as the surges are gone and we have to deal with so many trashed, inconsiderate... no  aggressively rude people...  some violent, most could not care the slightest about your ride or you.  So many carry guns illegally... constantly getting hit on... and I am an ugly guy.   So lets make this about how women are not allowed and make the combatant women WANT to work in a romantic notion that it is somehow enabling women because they are against women.   Plenty of women drive in my market.    
    ****Anyway, if you want to make it safer for ALL DRIVERS then ONLY accept riders that have a working credit card, an ID on record, and a FRIGGING WORKING PHONE NUMBER!!!!   I AM SO SICK of calling people and their phone is not set up.  HOW DANGEROUS IS THAT?   you pick up someone and there is really no way of knowing if it is who they say it is???  hmm, is it really Jman???    PB&J???    Women are totally capable of most anything a man can do.  NOT ALL.  Visa versa the same about men.  The Job is the Job.  My advice is do not do rideshare if you do not have to.  Get a real job and enjoy life.  It is not for everyone.   It is not safe.  If a wreckless driver does not clip you, or a customer assault you  (which happens more than you would think... sexually, physically, and mentally.) or you worry yourself to death about bad things happening.. or get tired of ride offers that are less than $12 an hour (and I do mean gross - before expenses)  (like $3.84 for a 25 minute ride with multiple stops... only it will be more than 25 mins with a long pickup... )  Well.... you get it... or are you just thick headed?  (not to mention the ability to go offline being removed when you need it.)

    WHO ever said there needs to be an 50-50 spread of women-men anyway???

  • Minumum wage here is $7.69   By minimum wage to you mean after expenses?

  • You should also think about the fact that sometimes they have to drive as much as 15 minutes for a $6 ride that takes them 10 minutes to get the desintation then many people expect them to wait as much as 20 minutes... sure they say 5 but then it gets later and later and later... Uber earns almost ZERO for waiting.  Then a 10 minute ride back... so that would be 35 minutes work plus any wait time for $6.  Out of that $6 comes gas, maintenance and car payments... and LOSS OF INCOME from not being able to pick up any other riders and earn.  Now if that is a surge time, you could be costing the driver a lot of money during high earning times.  If you lead with I am going to run in and out , it will be quick, and do not worry, I will tip you to make up for it.... you will find they will be less afraid and appreciate you.  Basically they have been Tboned when they realize it is a mulitstop ride.   I have had to leave someone at a mcdonalds after 5 minutes became 25.  at 11 cents a minute that is only $2.75 earned.  Would you work for $6 an hour before expenses???  Your riders are brow beaten and knee jerk reacting....   Or they could just be toxic... as many drivers become after having their rates lowered... lowered... lowered as uber band lyft become more greedy and find more ways to shave payouts to the drivers.  Some rely on this kind of a job to take care of family members and see the work becoming unsustainable.  Think of they guy renting a tesla and paying $500 a week to rent it... making $12 an hour... before paying for that tesla.   If you say then he should be in a different line of work, karma will send you to hell.

  • But that is how they are able to write off all their profit... like ubers do for mileage.

  • Set minimum rates - bring back rate card, stop charging the customer a 110% markup... especially when there are surges or boosts.   I am seeing rides for as low as 18-23 cents a mile here...   
    Set rating system for car, rider, and rideshare ordering process and offer more reasons... ie. smelly car... disrespectful rider or passenger... bad hygiene... aggressive abusive... dangerous.
    Offer higher rates when it gets dangerous for drivers .
    Incentives for trips hours away, but with a dead leg return... such as out of state.

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     1 year ago in  The 7 Worst U.S. Airports for Uber and Lyft (2022)

    I thought this was going to be a driver article.   Have seen drivers wait an hour only to get a five minute ride.

  • "... 3) Lyftjacking Or Uberjacking (Stealing other people's rides)...

    ...How to Avoid: I always ask the passenger to confirm their name instead of saying, “Hey are you Steve?”..."  
    I have to disagree with you on this one. No rider should EVER get in a car where the driver does not know their name. It is the original handshake and security. If you do not know their name, you are not their driver. If they do not know your name... they are not your rider. Especially for women at night. They should not get in if you do not know who they are.

    Instead, you should ask them your name.  

    Question:  Are riders able to move the pin for the pickup if you get there and it is in the wrong location???   I Have been told "No."   If so, should not Uber/Lyft fix this?  So drivers could refuse to drive to the right location or have to wait 4-5 minutes for a cancel fee?  
    I would say 5% of my rides do not get either right and it is kind of creepy.

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     1 year ago in  How do I know if the Uber driver is who he says he is?

    In a world where it is getting more and more dangerous to drive for Uber... I wish they extended the same rules for passengers.  Passengers are allowed to use aliases and there are no pics they have to verify to verify their identity.   Still, they can order rides for others, which causes a lot of confusion...

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     1 year ago in  What's a typical passenger rating for Uber? Is 4.50 good?

    As long as you respect my car, do not get violent, and do not disrespect me... you will get a 5 from me.   I used to wait or bend over backwards to get riders in the car or find them.  I will no longer wait excessively... that is a cancel.  If you are not where you said you were or do not answer when I call to find you... I will cancel.  If I call and you are to drunk and incoherent, I will cancel.  If you are on one particular street... which I will not pick up on because it has proven so dangerous... you can walk to the end of the block... or i will cancel.   No ratings involved.  I do hate it when people call an uber and the road is dangerous to stop on or blocks all traffic to wait...  If you are disrespectful or treat me like a subordinate dog... you might get a bad rating.  (almost never happens)  my car is clean, I am accepting of all, and give great service above and beyond.

    Despite great service, sometimes people have a chip on their shoulder or are trying to take advantage... and they will rate you a one...maybe they are racist, had a bad day.... someone left a tissue on the floor and you did not catch it... (yeah seriously)  Or they want a free ride. (refund)  maybe you just did not click...   it happens.  I have learned to accept it, but still try for a five every time.  A single 1 rating will bring your average down.

    Just realized, I do not look at ratings when I pick up a passenger.  Perhaps I should and take notes to see if the ratings are deserved...

  • Kissing is no big deal.  Not a homophobic... so it really does not matter who is kissing who.  Grosses me out a little though.  It is when it gets to more than kissing, I am not comfortable:  My first week had a couple that was doing a lot more than kissing.  Was not sure if I should speed up or slow down... was to scared to say something (as if I would be reported as a pervert.)  It was also taxing on the car... but the worst part was after they got out, I had to check the seats and that was when I started to feel violated (no mess... thankful of that.)  No tip either and therefore no class.   A room would have cost them $50 to $100 and they were picked up at an expensive country club.   If it was my friends, I would not mind... but hey... If I you are not my close friends... then please stop at kissing... your rating will be fine.  I also have a camera... which I think pretty much put a stop to getting past first base.

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     2 years ago in  How to Request a Driver on Uber

    "will be given an additional 15 minutes of waiting time without being charged a fee"

    Really?  So basically, if the driver accepts the honor of being liked and agrees to the pickup, they may have to wait 15 minutes for free...

    Just curious... Accepting the ride would mean doing nothing because they have to make it there on time, but also they must wait an additional 15 minutes and not get paid for it.. when they could be working and giving rides if they do not accept?

    Drivers do not like to accept reservations because it means wasted time not getting paid.  Up to 40 minutes down time... because you have to log on 40 minutes ahead of the pickup.   If one only had to be there on time, one could be productive, then log on when there.... or when leaving home to get there to show one is on one's way there.

    Accepting reservations also may mean less pay for the same ride.

    Just my two cents.  

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     2 years ago in  Uber now ask driver if rider was wearing a mask or not

    The problem is that I purchased boxes of masks 50/@$8. If not, some nights 4 out of 5 rides would be mask less or cancelled. The question does not did they refuse to wear a mask.... Someone said that if you say no, the rider will be asked to take a picture with a mask on the next ride.

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     2 years ago in  Uber now ask driver if rider was wearing a mask or not

    Well... that is actually wonderful.   I get that the issues are polarized, but when people are so... well to put it in nicer words... "unconcerned..." it starts to whittle at what is trying to be my positive attitude... and it is cumulative.  Say what you will... Positive riders do brighten my days.