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     4 weeks ago in  Lyft lowering rates to 43.5 cents a mile in Florida & Vegas
    It is hard to believe... Sounds like complete insanity.

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     4 weeks ago in  Low down on minors.
    Of course. However lots of drivers do it here. It makes me look like the bad guy. (Not that their opinion matters... I would just prefer to be able to enlighten them a little easier.

  • One would think this is totally fake! However, some people should not be allowed to use the sharp scissors... know what I mean?

  • Not necessarily, that might just make it seem like a potential threesome. Just saying.

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     1 month ago in  Will Uber ever be Profitable?
    Frankly, I find it hard to believe they are not profitable. They are making billions and just know how to cook the books to avoid paying taxes... As far as flying uber cars go... It is not going to happen.: Especially when you will need two highly skilled and trained pilots and extensive servicing on the cars.

  • This is somewhat offensive. I drive and frankly... I do not feel safe. The part about asking the driver to give his name and to give the passenger the name is absurd and aggravating. First.... you should have the driver give your name and you give his name OR simply say HI "Driver" and expect them to say HI "Passenger." So that You BOTH know you are matched correctly. INFO THE RIDER GETS: The make , model, year, and color of our cars. The license plate number. Our Names and OUR PICTURE!!! Uber has our SS# Drivers License and phone number (working) INFO THE DRIVER GETS: A name... might be fake... Do you know anyone named PBJ? A number to call... which quite often does NOT work. If it does, they may not answer. (Lyft offers a place to put a rider pic, but Most do not use it or post their dog or something.) 10 percent of the time the passenger is not the same as the account holder. We, the drivers, get squat... and are at risk. The only way he have any chance of knowing that the rider is correct is if they know our names. We can say "Hi JOE" and Johnathan will still get in the car sometimes. Please say my name... so at least there is a chance you are the correct rider. Riders have always had more than enough information to verify that the driver and vehicle are correct before getting in. All this publicity is just publicity... and overreacting. This is not to put shade on the girl who was attacked by a guy pretending to be an Uber Driver.... Absolutely horrible! Never get in the car if any of the information does not match. Calling the police and taking a license plate would probably be a good idea. No once seems concerned about the Driver's safety. Drivers get shot, beaten up, raped, abused... their cars torn up, they even get caught in the middle of gun fight... But the news does not seem to care about this. Driver lives matter too. All lives matter.

  • A few decades ago I hit a rabbit. Never knew they could scream. And scream a lot. Best to be quick and back over them. As horrible as that sounds it is a mercy. Putting these animals in your car is a great risk to your and your passengers health. We put the rabbit in a towel to bury it and what happened next was absolutely horrid. Hundreds of little ticks were crawling all over the towel. We buried towel too and then everyone had an extremely thorough tick check. I can imagine it would be much worse with a deer and very dangerous for humans to get bitten.

  • I hate this too, but both apps, (I know Uber does for sure) have an option under the cancel reasons for an "unaccompanied Minor."    I have even received cancellation fees last week for this.  
    Yes this is a problem parents complain that other uber drivers do it. I will not. I have been told the insurance may not cover the minor in the event of an accident. I will not give an unaccompanied minor a ride for this very purpose with ONE exception: If the minor is in an environment I consider to be dangerous to leave them alone in... I will give the ride and I will make sure my cameras are on and save all recordings for that trip. I will also drive even more careful than normal. This comes into play after leaving a young girl at the edge of her school and it was starting to get dark. I thought, what if that was my daughter.... and it bothered me. That type of situation has not come up. No rides for unaccompanied minors... That being said... If the policy changed and they were to allow it (hopefully vetting the drivers and doing background checks.) I would be happy to do it... as long as my dashcams are running.

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     2 months ago in  Have you had any #whatsmyname passengers yet?

    OH MY GOD!!!....    What the hell is it with people.    YOU DO NOT ask them their name,  you show you know their name and vice versa!

    Both  driver and passenger say       "HI, (name here) "

    You (the  passenger) says Hi  Johnathan... letting the driver know it is the correct passenger BEFORE he lets you in the car.     Otherwise, find the correct car!

    The driver says Hi GetPulse68,  showing he is your ride.   WHAT GOOD IS IT IF HE ASKS YOU YOUR NAME?   You are supposed to know each others names!

    The driver shows he knows the passenger's name, then the passenger shows he knows the driver's name.  

      It does not matter in which order.  Dual Handshake!  Simple.  


    The rider also has the make, color, and license plate of the car and a picture of the driver...  and Uber/Lyft have even more info on file.

    Banging my head on a wall

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     2 months ago in  Have you had any #whatsmyname passengers yet?

    OH MY GOD!!!....    What the hell is it with people.    To finish what you said, then then you (the  passenger) says Hi  Johnathan... letting the driver know it is the correct passenger BEFORE he lets you in the car.     Otherwise, find the correct car!

     The driver shows he knows the passenger's name, then the passenger shows he knows the driver's name.   It does not matter in which order.  Dual Handshake!  Simple.   (aside from knowing the car, license plate, and a picture of the driver.)  There never really was an issue of getting the wrong driver or car.  We are provided with the tools.  All this ballyhoo is a waste of energy... and serves to show how ignorant people are in droves.

  • It is unfortunate how there is such a lack of critical thinking in this country... and the kneejerk reactions that result from it.  It is called communication... and being aware.  If you do stupid things, stupid things happen.  Passengers have all the info they need to be safe.  Drivers only get a name, which is often not even real and a phone number that often does not work.  This is all PATHETIC.  absolutely pathetic.

  • OK... Just remember... you asked:

       At the airport...  The every man for himself mentality.  Some drivers just cannot or will not play well with others.  Lets say you are in the second lane from the curb, stopped, have your right turn signal on to get to the curb as soon as the car in the way gets out (you have left him room to merge in front of you.)  Then the POS guy behind you passes on the right and then blocks you from getting over!!!  

    Some drivers here drive like they are actually in an apocalyptic video game...   Often with damaged cars.  They never make eye contact when cutting people off or merging in or taking liberties.  Some get weeded out, some do not.  

    In the Uber lot, 

        Cars driving down rows often do not stop at the end and yield the right of way to cars riding the perimeter or stop for pedestrians lapping the lot.
    SMOKING upwind in the lots... (all kinds of nasty stuff.) or just being upwind with the mega strong "Air" Gag "fresheners." The smell gets in my car if I leave the windows open... or in the vents if pulling air in from outside. NASTY.
       The ways they find to make a porta john worse.

  • I think you are dead on with this, but also remember that a driver has the same rights if they feel like the passenger is making them feel unsafe or putting them in a bad situation.  By this I mean being abusive, doing drugs, acting out wildly, attempting coitus, vandalizing the car, or even directly threatening the driver.  I would also add extremely poor hygiene or dirty/wet to the point of damaging the inside of the car or making it impossible to continue working with out remedy.  Most passengers are nice and they as diverse... as a driver, there have been stressful days where I wonder if the next passenger is going to be the one.  This all goes with out saying... but I think it also helps to put things in perspective... There is potential for good and bad in everyone.  Drivers encounter a lot more riders than riders encounter drivers.  We should weed out the bad riders and passengers.

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     3 months ago in  Should I give low ratings to Uber drivers who solicit tips?

    I do not ask for tips, however there is one exception:  The Uber App will not allow us to pick up passengers more than a few miles out of state.  We are allowed to take them out of town as long as it ORIGINATES from our area.  (Even if they are in state, it is unlikely we will get a passenger going back home on long distance trips.)

       If someone wants a long ride well within another state, I cannot get a rider back.  If  the rider wishes to go an hour or more away, I tell them at the beginning of the ride: "I cannot get work on the return trip.  Please consider taking care of me for the "dead leg" back.  You may not know this but Uber does not pay for gas, the maintenance, insurance, car payments, XM radio,  or any expenses.  I pay for EVERYTHING. Uber just pays us a fixed rate by the mile and minute. (Mostly.) A large chunk of what you pay goes to Uber."  

         I do not specify an amount.   So far I have not declined a ride, most people agreed, some stiffed me anyway.  I leave it to them to decide.  Most people get it and don't think twice about it.     

        Do you really think it is fair to expect an Uber driver to accept a 2 hr ride, when they have to drive almost 2 hrs back for FREE?  (We literally do not have to accept the ride and can cancel it at any time if you are rude, lude, or aggressive, toxic, or even unclean... or if we really do not have the time to make a 4 hr trip.)  

      Feel good about yourself!  Seriously, If you are offended, then probably what you feel is guilt because your awareness has been raised as to your being a cheapskate...  Take care of the people who provide you with good service.   That being said, if the driver or the car is maloderous, toxic, rude, lude, a horrific driver, if the car is unsafe... then do what you must.  Better yet end the ride and give them a 1.  However if they have taken pride in their car, and service, and been a good experience then consider leaving a few extra bucks  

    What others do, should not affect who you are.  You are not lessened by being asked for a tip, nor are you required to give one just because you were asked.  So feel good about yourself, have some confidence in your actions or lack of... and do the right thing.   Furthermore, should the service be contingent upon an unwanted tip,  simply decline if it is not to your liking:  Roll the dice, take a chance and the next driver  in a clunker will come your way who is willing to work for the shells of peanuts.  The ride will be awful, the smell may come out of your clothes, you might have to listen to bible music the whole way, your throat may be burning, and your nerves wracked... but hey... no tips solicited.

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     3 months ago in  Watching my Uber driver get arrested!

    He must have been driving as someone else.  Uber will nag one to death, way before something expires, to get it fixed.

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     3 months ago in  Drivers to become Employees?

    It seems naïve.  Also, when the write off is the only thing that even allows you to keep any of the money earned... what would being an employee do to that?    I just wish they would stop saying our earnings include the charges they take out.

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     5 months ago in  Uber rate change: Higher time rate & Lower distance rate

    Hoe you are not referring to me?  If so, please "Do not assume"  It only makes an "ass of U and Me."  

    At these cuts you are looking at gaining @ $1 an hour of being in a ride with the meter running for a  solid hour.  

    (so for quick rides you may be driving to the pax for half that time.)

    You are losing over $6 for 45 miles of driving

    You are losing @ $1.55 for 10 miles of driving.

    So if you were in a solid ride for 1 hr and you only drove 10 miles, you would still be losing.

    Based on rough rates.

  • I would never decline a blind person. With a seeing eye dog... although to be fair, if it was huge, that might be a problem.  If it was dirty or musky, I carry towels and even a small tarp and might insist you let me lay them out for the dog to rest on.  Perhaps Uber is weeding out better quality drivers by whiddling down our earnings and Stealing wages on the DM rides.  The thought of having to shut down the app, and clean the car... could possibly excede the cost of the ride, but i doubt it...  It is a shame.    Sorry to hear she had to go through that... And then to be charged... some drivers have no shame.  Hope it was an accident... 

  • Spend 12 hours a day in a place that smells worse than a porta john.    Yeah, gonna make some great tips

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