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     3 weeks ago in  How to Request a Driver on Uber

    "will be given an additional 15 minutes of waiting time without being charged a fee"

    Really?  So basically, if the driver accepts the honor of being liked and agrees to the pickup, they may have to wait 15 minutes for free...

    Just curious... Accepting the ride would mean doing nothing because they have to make it there on time, but also they must wait an additional 15 minutes and not get paid for it.. when they could be working and giving rides if they do not accept?

    Drivers do not like to accept reservations because it means wasted time not getting paid.  Up to 40 minutes down time... because you have to log on 40 minutes ahead of the pickup.   If one only had to be there on time, one could be productive, then log on when there.... or when leaving home to get there to show one is on one's way there.

    Accepting reservations also may mean less pay for the same ride.

    Just my two cents.  

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     2 months ago in  Uber now ask driver if rider was wearing a mask or not

    The problem is that I purchased boxes of masks 50/@$8. If not, some nights 4 out of 5 rides would be mask less or cancelled. The question does not did they refuse to wear a mask.... Someone said that if you say no, the rider will be asked to take a picture with a mask on the next ride.

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     2 months ago in  Uber now ask driver if rider was wearing a mask or not

    Well... that is actually wonderful.   I get that the issues are polarized, but when people are so... well to put it in nicer words... "unconcerned..." it starts to whittle at what is trying to be my positive attitude... and it is cumulative.  Say what you will... Positive riders do brighten my days.

  • Very simple.... Just say you just had chemo.... or that you are really beat and just want some quiet and to maybe get some sleep on the way home.    Or Hi, Do you have something relaxing to play, I am really beat and would like to get some rest on the way home.   If they driver starts to talk say, sorry, I am realy tired, just want to sleep. and smile.    If the driver continues to talk aimlessly, just say you are too tired to engage.   What is so hard about that.  
    !) give the driver a way to make you happy... if he is worth his salt, he will make it happen.
    We just want to make the ride better for you.  Ask for what you want.  No problem.

  • I would say I find it hard to believe Drivers would do that... and still be able to drive... but I can believe some would... and that they somehow manage to keep driving.  What I cannot believe is that her court costs and lawyer fees were 800K and she only got 324K.  THAT is a crime.  It used to be that anything over 23% for the lawyers was unethical.  Over 70% of the settlement never made it to her.   Is this what arbitration is about?  Uber should only be responsible if they knew about it and did not fire the riders... or was she a horrible rider.   Let's see some of that cam footage... (Kidding)

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     1 year ago in  Uber lays off about 3,700 employees over Zoom

    WOW, just like in Back to the Future Part III... or the Fifth Element!

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     1 year ago in  Do you let your teens use Uber?

    Do you feel secure in knowing that if there is an accident, the insurance company will not want to pay since uber policy was violated? Sure, despite what the news says, Uber pretty much locks down drivers and require pictures and information that they pass to the riders to make sure they get in the correct car. The insurance coverage is the reason I will not pick up kids unless it is dangerous to leave them where they are.

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     1 year ago in  A tip for non-tipping riders

    OK, here is the problem with that 1) we cannot move on until we rate the customer. 2)Most who tip, do not do so immediately, sometimes they tip 24+ hours later 3)They may never see the reason why you gave them a 4. If you want tips, the best way is to give great service, with a clean car. (no cigarrette or strong air freshener smells) Stay positive... it's like I want to say more, but who wants to raise the bar when you are appreciated for being so far above it.

  • Uber pays more in Charlotte than lyft. I asked an Uber driver in Seattle who said they make 1.10/mile.

  • Pretty sure they pay more in LA. This is in Charlotte NC. Even uber pays over 40 cents more in Seattle.

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     1 year ago in  Is the Uber Pro Rewards Program all it is cut out to be?

    I like uber pro in my area. If we play ball a bit, they benefits are worth it. It actually allows me to work a little smarter if I do not abuse it.

  • Lyft is paying 33 cents a mile where I live. I do not trust them for anything and I do not be drive for them anymore. We pay for everything, gas, car payments, maintenance, amenities. Tires, oil changes, alignments, phone bills, cleanings and downtime for all these... not worth it. I have taken Lyft here to the airport. The cars were dangerous and one was so smelly, I could smell it on my clothes the whole plane ride. It is not sustainable, especially if you maintain your car. I hate to think they would be dishonest. 2 years ago driving in the snow, they charged the customers more, but did not pay it forward to the driver... upsetting.

  • If they gave us the ability, it would be rude not to use it.

  • This article hit the nail on the head about many things. Better pay would definitely help to allow for less hours. They could weed out bad drivers and bad passengers. Lyft now pays lower than sustenance: 33 cents a mile. There is an awful lot to be stressed out about. I would also really like to see them ensure that we know who we are picking up. That their phone numbers work, and even a picture would be nice. Many passengers think the drivers know what they look like and how to find them and they often make mistakes. The new Uber Pro actually helps a lot and has reduced some of the stress by providing info if we earn it.

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     1 year ago in  Teen records driver masturbating. Sues Lyft.

    Hope this guy gets put on the list and does some time. He needs to be taught a lesson big time. But, I think this article is off. Lyft should have terminated this guy immediately. Immediately! There are some details left out: ?Minors without adults in the car is clear violation of policy... That being said, Lyft is not liable... and it is on the driver and the passenger... ? Was he actually on a list prior to signing up with Lyft? Pedophile, criminal record? This is important to show that this could have been caught before he started driving for Lyft. ? Severely Traumatized? So many 14 year olds are crude and rude. Listen to the lyrics of the music they listen too and watch TV some time. Seems like a frivolous law suit, they should be suing the driver.

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     2 years ago in  Should Rideshare Drivers Take A Training Course?

    Sure, why not. It might be an inconvenience... but it also might help in a lot of ways. Something needs to change. Drivers need to be weeded out or improve. Even if it wastes my time... it will not be a waste if it improves the overall workforce. It gets pretty dangerous at airports with the Fast and The Furious driving and jockeying. Many drivers are aggressive, rude, and just dangerous... Taxis and others too, but you can see the window dressing. (If they have it on the windshield.)

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     2 years ago in  Gun put to my head, with Uberpool passengers - Oakland

    Sorry to say this, but when do you take responsibility for yourself. If you were selling hot dogs, would you expect the hot dog manufacturer to handle this. This situation was external. The conflict was not between you and a passenger. You do not have to drive in those areas if you do not want to. Cancel and put the reason that you do not feel safe. It will not count against you. If you contact uber, the first thing they will say is contact 911. You are a contractor, and I am thinking, why should they be responsible for your phone, unless it is in the insurance package and I do not think it is. Your situation really sucks. If you had insurance on your phone the phone company would replace it (if broken, lost, or stolen.) I am very glad you are OK... but I still fail to see why Uber should take responsibility for you getting mugged. What did they do. Did they log the occurrence? Did they handle the ride charges? I have mixed feelings here. If you are expecting something more from uber, I fail to see why. You should be aware of the dangers... and make good judgement calls. Uber will not be responsible unless it is the passenger that does this and they have done it before.

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     2 years ago in  How to Set Up Family Profiles in Your Uber Account

    "Can people under the age of 18 ride alone? Uber used to allow minors to ride without an adult present, but that is no longer allowed. Any person under the age of majority must be riding with someone over the age of majority."

  • The only problem with "would you ride with this person again" is that if you drive say a prius and they would prefer a larger car... they will say "No." So this is flawed as well.

  • There has to be a multi part answer to this. Some Uber/Lyft drivers drive like absolute maniacs like they are in a video game... Mostly when jockeying for positions to get to the airport from the lot... they can be extremely dangerous. So there is Driving with out passengers in the car and driving with passengers in the car. I believe that most (more than 50% do not drive faster than traffic when there are passengers in the car. A larger percentage drive too fast when there is no one else in the car. Frankly... I have confirmed that there is nothing to be gained by going well over the speed limit. The tickets are not worth it... or potential damages to the car. Passengers just want to get there safe. They are not looking for you to break the sound barrier to get there. Pax have told me of drivers speeding and they do not like it. Even when I drive a few miles over to keep pace with the other cars, I ask them if it would make them feel uncomfortable first. I mean, the whole point is to give them a comfortable ride and feel as safe as possible.