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Uber Claimed I entered the wrong address

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 Posted 1 month, 4 weeks ago

I contacted Uber to take me back to my hotel recently in a large city. It was only 2 miles to my hotel. When the Uber driver picked me up, I noticed she started going in the opposite direction. I told her and she explained that due to one way streets, etc. this was how she had to go. She proceeded for several miles and it was obvious she was going the wrong way. After multiple comments to her, I pulled up the hotel using Google Maps and showed it to her. She said that was a different address than what I entered for my trip. She then did a course correction and got me to my hotel. A 5 minute trip took 25 minutes and cost a lot more than it should.

Afterwards, I complained to Uber and they said sorry, but I entered the wrong address. That is possible but I am doubtful of that because I had entered that address multiple times into my GPS while traveling that day to the hotel. The address was just too different for me not to have noticed. Furthermore, the driver never confirmed the address when she picked me up.

Mistakes happen, but what bothered me most was Uber's smugness about the episode. I went back and forth with them via email and their response was always that I had entered the wrong address. That is possible but apparently there is no fallibility by Uber in these matters. The extra time and cost was an annoyance, but it would have been nice if they could have been more gracious in their response rather than being self righteous.

Have others experienced this with Uber?

My first few trips with Uber were great, but I think I need to check out Lyft next time I need this service.


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