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Weeping Passenger

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311 Rider Driver
 Posted 3 months, 1 week ago

I was taking a women (20 - 24) to an interview.

Since it was late in the afternoon. I asked her what was the time of the interview?

She said, "It was at 5 oclock. I looked at my GPS and told her we wouldn"t arrive until 5:10.

Why don't you call them to see if they would wait?

She was adamant that they would be there.

I asked her, "if she got an offer, where she would work?"

She said, "At the location we were going."

I said, "Are you going to take an Uber to and from the location every day?" (The trip was about an hour on the New Jersey turnpike.)

She said, "She really needed the job and she would figure that out once she was hired."

About a half hour from the destination, she called the company. They told her since it was Friday, they were leaving early. She could reschedule for Monday.

After she hung up, she started crying. Then she told me that her Mother had converted her bedroom to a sewing room and she was living in a home for women that are pregnant. If she were pregnant, I didn't notice when I picked her up.

She also said she couldn't make it to an interview on Monday because her credit card was maxed out.

I ended the ride at that point because I didn't want to charge her credit card anymore. (A)

I turned around at the next exit and started back.

She then asked me to stop by her Mothers, which was on the way. (It wasn't) (B)

I stopped at her Mother's house and waited for about fifteen minutes. I was hoping someone in the house would ride her the rest of the way. (There were three vehicles in the driveway.)

Her Mother came out with her and thanked me for taking care of her daughter, and would I ride her to the home? (C)

I was stunned that her Mother would put her out of the house when she was pregnant.

This trip was over three hours long and I was relieved when it was over. 

It was so bad, that I thought she might jump out of the car at some point.

Did I drop her off at the home? No, she wanted to go to her boy friend's apartment. (D)

The question I have for my fellow drivers is:

What would you have done at (A)?

What would you have done at (B)?

What would you have done at (C)?

What would you have done at (D)?


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