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Do Uber passengers care about how clean or dirty your car is on the outside?

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57 Driver
 Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

I used to care and had a discount card for car wash but I am starting to feel silly about paying it.


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    654 Driver
     1 week ago

    I don't think anyone cares these days.  

    The proof are the customers of Northeast. The cars are constantly dirty from the bad weather. The pax would understand. Perhaps there's an element of impression but I doubt it'll make them drop a star from rating or affect the tip as they step out.

    Am I wrong?

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     1 week ago

    I don't care, though I may be grumbly if your car was so dirty that it made it hard to get in and out without getting dirt/salt on my clothes.

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    265 Rider Driver
     6 days ago

    I pay for the basic wash about once a week but I am not putting extra money into the details like rim cleaning - not worth it.