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Warning about Rideshare in Los Angeles

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 Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago

DO NOT rent from Rideshare!!!!  I rented a car from them for two months so I can do Uber.  I kept that car clean everyday!!!!  I signed up for the monthly membership at the car wash.  I took it to the car wash the same day I returned it!!!!!!  The car was CLEAN!!!! They said they need to charge me $30 for a cleaning fee because the car was dirty!  They drove the car to the back and never offered to show me what was dirty.  They couldn’t even tell me what was dirty.  And not mention, to even get a hold of someone in customer service, it’s a joke!!!  


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     1 month ago

    Wow, sorry this happened to you! That is so frustrating! What was the company you rented from? It is called "Rideshare"?