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Driver Earnings by City - Per hour before expenses [The RideshareGuy]

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1165 Driver Rider Guru
 Posted 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Earnings of Drivers by City. I saw people asking so I thought I'd post this table I saw at RideShareGuy last year.  I included the link below to the original article. This is a survey done in 2017.

"We recently ran one of the biggest rideshare driver surveys to date and 995 rideshare drivers reported an average hourly earnings of $16.02 per hour before expenses.  But with the help of Alejandro Henao, a PhD researcher from University of Colorado Denver (and former Uber/Lyft driver for research), we also compared the reported earnings by city and here’s what we found:

What market do you primarily drive in? $/hr Rank
San Francisco, CA & Bay Area $23.17 1
NYC & Jersey $20.40 2
Boston, MA $18.85 3
Seattle, WA $18.65 4
Chicago, IL $17.14 5
Los Angeles (LA & Orange Counties) $16.93 6
Sacramento $16.79 7
Pittsburgh, PA $16.50 8
Portland, OR $16.32 9
Denver, CO $15.89 10
Cleveland, OH $15.83 11
San Diego, CA $15.68 12
Philadelphia, PA $15.65 13
Atlanta, GA $15.52 14
Washington DC $15.21 15
Las Vegas, NV $15.12 16
Phoenix, AZ $14.76 17
Houston, TX $14.09 18
Salt Lake City $14.09 19
Dallas, TX $13.75 20
Nashville, TN $13.75 21
Miami, FL $13.55 22
Orlando, FL $12.73 23
Tampa Bay, FL $12.50 24
Charlotte, NC $10.00 25

It’s no surprise that San Francisco & the Bay Area are where drivers reported earning the most.  Competition for drivers is fierce in the Bay Area since there are so many competing services, and that means lots of incentives and bonuses for drivers.  And since rideshare was basically born in SF, it’s a mature market with huge numbers of passengers taking rideshare everywhere they go.  So low driver supply and high passenger demand means big earnings potential, which we can see above.



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