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 Posted 11 months, 1 week ago

What Ride sharing companies UBER/LYFT don't understand or pay attention is that driver shortages it not drivers not refusing to go on the Road or signing up due to Pandemic It's not. Most Uber/Lyft drivers about 65% are undocumented immigrants and most of them their Licenses are expired and they cannot renew their driver's Licenses due to strict immigration regulations and that's why we have shortage of driver's,

Rider sharing drivers should be considered as Essential workers and I think the company should lobby with the congress to remove strict immigration laws for undocumented immigrants. Some Drivers have moved out of state and relocated to those States that allow undocumented immigrants to renew or apply for driver's Licenses ,and therefore shortage of driver's will continue to increase when undocumented immigrants Licenses continue to expire each year.

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