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Can Uber and Lyft Fully Recover from the Pandemic? [RideshareGuy]

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 Posted 2 years, 10 months ago

From the RideshareGuy:

Uber and Lyft have been offering drivers big incentives to hit the road, mainly because of the driver shortage, but is that enough to entice drivers to return to the platform?

One of my biggest concerns for the rideshare industry is the yo-yo effect on drivers: drivers returning to the platform or joining it for the first time, making good money, then having demand dry up due to shutdowns nationwide. 

If that happens too many times, fewer drivers will see rideshare driving as a viable option to earn extra income - and that will really spell problems for the rideshare industry. 

Here’s what readers are saying:

Jerri shares a common sentiment among drivers: not wanting to return to rideshare due to too many concerns about unvaccinated and potentially sick passengers:

“I'm slowly getting back to doing food delivery. At this point I'm not sure if I'm going back to regular Uber with all the rate and vaccine issues.”

Another driver believes the shortage can be attributed to people having more money and not necessarily needing to drive:

“It's almost like the 40% of the market that was doing this gig before Covid now don't have a reason to get back in. Rising home prices and stock portfolios hmmm.”



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     2 years ago

    well, since you asked...  no.  they will not recover. 

    They could never finish off the taxi industry.  There are regulations coming, like work hours, driver benefits, and price regulations, and we will all revert back to the days of taxis.

    I mean it's already happening. Accountability of drivers, registered and properly insured vehicles, etc. That's how they issue taxi medallions.

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     2 years ago

    Once Uber starts shafting the drivers again most will and do another type of gig

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       2 years ago

      You sound like they stopped shafting drivers. LOL 

      Uber is desperate of making profits and all I hear is sky rocketing prices with drivers still making normal rates. (they pocket the difference in the name of "driver shortage.")

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     2 years ago

    Sure.  they will all be around in one form or another once the pandemic is over. 

    plus no one cares.  all commoditized car services. Consumers really don't care who is driving them, as long a car shows up and picks them up.

    the only thing that has changed is that the airports and the cities caught up and created uber/Lyft pickup locations next to taxi locations. Everything else is the same as before. 

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     2 years ago

    The capitalism and free market will once again prevail.

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     2 years ago

    Yeah, there is nothing new normal about the rideshare industry post-pandemic.