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Driver strikes didn’t break Uber - but they showed gig economy workers are mad. [Vox]

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1202 Rider Driver Guru
 Posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Feel the Bern!

Demanding higher wages and benefits, thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers in over two dozen cities around the world protested yesterday. In several cities including Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, Uber said the protests didn’t affect daily operations. But, as Shirin Ghaffary writes, “the fact that drivers protested at all on the same day in various cities around the world is a major feat of drivers’ organizing capacity — and one of the largest coordinated protests by gig economy workers in recent history.” Another win for protestors: they got several major Democratic progressive politicians on their side, including Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Pete Buttigieg, and Sen. Bernie Sanders.


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