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Today, thousands of Uber drivers are going on strike for better wages and working conditions. [Recode]

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2004 Rider
 Posted 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Today, thousands of Uber drivers are going on strike for better wages and working conditions. Drivers in at least eight cities in the US and several in other countries, from England to India, are calling for drivers to shut down their apps for Uber, Lyft, and other ride-sharing apps — in some areas for two hours; in other cities, such as Los Angeles, for a full 24 hours. In San Francisco, drivers will rally outside of Uber’s corporate headquarters at noon. The demands are ones that Uber drivers have been asking for a long time — higher wages, benefits, pricing transparency — but ahead of Uber’s IPO, represent a bigger problem the company has as it will be pushed to treat its workers better while moving toward profitability. As Shirin Ghaffary writes, “The flexible, on-demand workforce that was touted as the gig economy’s greatest asset is now its biggest liability.” 



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    84 Driver
     9 months ago

    Well?  Did we do it, guys?  Did Uber finally fold and realize they need us?

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       9 months ago

      See, the problem is that there are literally like a million drivers out there. Haven't you heard the news that they are trying to reduce the number of drivers in many areas now?

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     9 months ago

    Do you hear the people sing...singing the songs of angry men? La viva resistance